We are in the throes of an Online Banking conversion. Computer conversions are never fun and online conversions are the worst.

The biggest problem for us right now is that the conversion required us to reset everyone’s passwords. To log in, you need to know the last four digits of your primary contact phone number and the last four digits of your social security number.

Some members have changed their contact information over the years, but didn’t think to tell us. So the phone number we have in our system may be different than their current phone number. We tried to communicate for months that we needed updated phone numbers for this conversion to go smoothly, but it is difficult to reach everyone.

Due to this issue, our phones were overloaded yesterday and some callers got a busy signal. We’ve been employing all sorts of means to keep phone lines open and capacity is far less of an issue today.

We are updating the front page of the website to answer the most common questions we’ve received since the conversion and are trying to keep all front line staff abreast of each issue as it arises.

Many of our members have been supportive and congratulatory of the ease of the new system. We appreciate that feedback.

Some are frustrated. We understand your frustrations and are working as fast as we can to alleviate them.

I want to give public recognition to our IT Department who has been working tirelessly on this since Sunday and a HUGE thanks to our phone staff. They generally have little to do with the decisions behind conversions, yet they hear the most feedback. They have been rock solid the last two days and I am grateful for them.

Shari Storm

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  1. Douglas Brown says:

    To Mr. William Hayes:

    I’m completly frustated with your change in the system. Today I followed your instructions,signed in,entered the temporary password, entered my desired password and was unable to change the “image assigned by you” to one I would have selected. I saw my accounts and then logged off.

    To double check I signed in again, entered the password I selected and was unable to gain access to my accounts. I called the number given for help and the call was answered by someone in Virgina, not Seattle, Wa., where I have had my account since the early 1980’s. Then the person who answered the phone said his name was CU JO. That’s the name of the people eating dog in Stephen King’s novel by the same name. Did I lack confidence? Yes! He did transfer me to customer service in Seattle but I had to sit on the line for over 20 minutes before a live person answered the phone. That is not acceptable customer service when you made the decision to change the existing on line service.

    I commend the customer service rep on her handling my complaint and helping me get back into the on-line banking system. However, if Proper Prior Planning had taken place by Verity, then there would not had been P* Poor Performance by Verity intially in getting me back on line.

    Who do you have out there representing Verity? CU JO? Not a very good choice in my opinion.

  2. Blake BEcker says:

    I was taken off guard by your changing of passwords! But I got through it okay as fortunately I know the right phone number to use. I must say though I find the using of the last four of the SSN and Phone number doesn’t seem to be the most secure way to do it, especially since the last 4 of the SSN are prominently displayed on the sign on page.

    I do have a question, what’s with the picture? How would I know if I had the correct sign on picture? Can the user change this?

  3. d says:

    Fixing the bill pay system would be great!~

  4. nick says:

    thanks for the new site,I wish you would have kept the catatgoires and memo line feature that the old site had.It was a helpful tool that in at a monthly basis and year end end basis especially at tax time you were able to readily have all the information broken down for your records.To implement a webupgrade in the middle of tax season was not the bright idea of the month! The service of what I knew asa friendly credit union 30 years ago when I first joined at Naval Base Sand point has evolved into just becoming like one of the big banks..Im shopping around,maybe BECU might treat me better!

  5. William R. Hayes says:

    Douglas – I am sorry the password was giving you trouble and that your hold time was long. Hopefully, both issues have been resolved. Additionally, the functionality to change the image will go live tomorrow. We’ve changed the wording on the site to reflect this and avoid further confusion.

    Our Online Branch vendor is helping us answer calls in this time. It was the most cost effective way to handle the increased call volumes. It’s also a short term situation. All your calls will be answered in Seattle after the conversion is fully completed.

  6. shari storm says:

    Blake –

    The phone number / social security was a one time requirement to make logging-in easier for our members. Because each user is forced to change their password after the first log-in, the security issue goes away immediately.

    As for the photo – that is an additional security system for you. Each time you log into Online Banking, make sure you see your special picture. If you don’t see it, or if it is different, be alerted that you may be at the wrong website. This protects consumers against spoofing.

    Users will be able to change the picture starting tomorrow.

  7. shari storm says:

    d – We only have a handful of people whose Bill Payer didn’t convert properly. We are almost done fixing those accounts. If your Bill Payer isn’t working correctly, please call or email us and we’ll get it straightened out.

  8. Beth says:

    Issues – Our sign-in ID was changed along with everything else, as there were only 7 digits originally. Next the downloads – to Quicken in my case – went wrong, as there are now added letters to the account number. Also, what I’m really writing about, formerly you had a great download page where all accounts could be downloaded in one session, with lots of options for doing what you needed – it was great. Now we have to go to each account and download individually. I appreciate that things are in an upheaval and hope that recombining this into one step is part of the changes still to come.

  9. Tara Melcher says:

    Having been on the converting end of this type of thing many times in the past, I have to give huge cudo’s (not CUJO’s) to the Verity staff. This sort of thing is never easy and never goes as smoothly as you want it to.

    Great job, everyone!

  10. Mck M. says:

    I sent my long, long laundry list of complaints, yes complaints to my good friend and Verity employee *** . E-mail me, and I’ll divulge the name to you and you alone.

    In short, YOU really missed the mark by not test running a few examples of what could/will/may come out of this. Pictures of people “hunkered down” as they were about to take off in a sprint, so reflected on your web page is not “informing.” Make you and the organization seem as you want this done so very, very fast that…..

    Inference can and always is a killer in conversions like this, but come, come. Can you people as they say “tink outside the box?”

    How many “non-employee’s/customers did you test run this on?

    Keep in mind, “older” people like me thrive of consistency.

    Changes are acceptable but not in big gulps like this.

    Mack M.

  11. VelocityCheckingMan says:

    The new website is totally awesome. I love the clean new layout of the online banking site. The tabs across the top are much easier to navigate and the layout of content is more standardized. Funny how several weeks ago I was logging into online banking and thinking this site is due for an upgrade. Low and behold I log in today and voila! Keep up the great work!

  12. Steve Zacher says:

    I reset my password and skipped the phone number thing entirely. While this helped me get into my accounts, I’m concerned about the relative ease with which the online passwords can be reset.

  13. Nick says:

    I’m having trouble understanding what the purpose of moving to the new system is. What functionality do we now have that we didn’t previously?

    I export my data to wesabe (an online banking aggregator) to track spending and budgeting. verity online banking no longer has the feature to allow you to only export transactions that have occurred since the last export, and doesn’t allow you to export same day transactions, which means my wesabe reporting is never up to date. In addition the posting date for many transactions changed, resulting in duplication in wesabe, due to their system thinking they were separate transactions.

    As online banking, and detailed information about my spending habits are important to me, what can you tell me to convince me not to switch banks?

  14. Jason G says:

    Is there any talks within Verity to contact Mint.com about adding Verity to their list of supported sites? I know this was done in the past, but with your website update it would be a great opportunity to reach out to them again 🙂

  15. Melodee says:

    Verity’s switch to on-line banking has turned out to be a major fiasco, one that shows poor planning and little or no field testing.

    I have banked with Verity for close to 20 years and began banking electronically two years ago. All my financial data has been methodically and meticulously monitored through Quicken on a daily basis. However with Verity’s “new” program, suddenly the Verity data no longer easily interfaces with Quicken, if at all.

    Working with Tech Support for an hour yesterday (after five phone calls), I was still unable to resolve the issue -I could not transfer data from my accounts on Verity’s website to the account information I had established and been working with for two years on Quicken. I could, however, start all over, begin the accounts from January 2010 and lose two years of financial history. Not acceptable.

    I was eventually able to download data from one of my five Velocity accounts by changing the name and number in Quicken so the program would recognize the NEW name and number Velocity had assigned to it (wish I’d known that earlier). But then Verity’s system transferred transactions that had ALREADY been downloaded to Quicken weeks ago, doubling credits and debits. This created a huge bookkeeping headache that took another hour to correct when I had to go in and delete the numerous duplicates to reconcile the on-line and Quicken balances.

    Subsequently, I have been unable to get Quicken to reconize any data from my FOUR OTHER Verity accounts without starting from scratch and losing financial history.

    I am EXTREMELY unhappy that Verity has taken a simple process and made it unnecessarily complex. I have lost many hours the past five days trying to untangle the mess with little success. I had a system in place that worked perfectly and now it doesn’t.

  16. Gerald says:

    Being 74 and abreast of computer changes I had no problem and figured I would wait a few days before asking about the picture and I see we can change it now. Thanks Verity Team, for me you did a great job.

  17. Gerald Plueard says:

    Mr Hayes stated below about changing our image but that was two days ago and I still can’t figure out how to do it, so is it possible? Thanks
    Mr. Gerald Pluear

    William R. Hayes on February 24th, 2010 at 04:04 PM

    Douglas – I am sorry the password was giving you trouble and that your hold time was long. Hopefully, both issues have been resolved. Additionally, the functionality to change the image will go live tomorrow. We’ve changed the wording on the site to reflect this and avoid further confusion.

  18. Frank-n-Deb says:

    Was this conversion tested prior to go-live? On 2/25, my wife logged on, frustrated initially with the need to change password, and once logged on, she noted many transactions missing from 2/3-2/16. She called the ‘800’ number and was told (by a person who did not have a very good command of the english language) that since she was not listed on the online banking account, she cannot obtain any information. Upon hearing this after returning to the house, I made a call to the ‘800’ number and could not understand who answered the phone, so do not have a name. I did have to ask the ‘technician’ several times to repeat what he was trying to tell me as he attempted to assist in getting the missing transactions re-posted. I have a ticket number, but have yet to hear any word back on this issue. I have been a member for 18 years, and totally find this latest gaffe unacceptable. I truly hope this issue gets resolved very soon as I am tempted at this time to pursue another financial institution.

  19. tiffany says:

    online conversions are always challenging at first. my only concern is that the browsers listed as supporting the new site don’t include cell phone browsers. As such, I have lost the convenience of keeping track of my accounts while away from home. Maybe a separate mobile site could be considered? Thanks.

  20. Wayne says:

    It isn’t just access that is a problem. The new system seems to be doing some strange things on its own:

    I managed to get access to your new on-line banking OK but found that my Velocity checking account summary is missing 14 transactions, being everything that occurred between February 5th and February 13th. These same transactions, including a Visa payment and a Mortgage payment, do not show on the Visa and Mortgage pages either. The ending balance is correct so the transactions must have actually happened, but I would like to have a visual record of them. What happened? Will this be fixed?

    It also changed my mortgage due date from the agreed upon 5th of the month, to the first. That needs to change back to the 5th.

  21. Carl Smith says:

    I was aware of the changes coming to VCU’s online banking site, but upon logging into the “new” site, my first impression is one of disappointment… A two word description would sum it up best: It sucks…

    I realize that Verity is doing all it can to make online banking with their institution as safe and secure as possible (and I do appreciate that), but I would think it could do that without changing the look that so many customers are used to – after all, the credit union is a banking institution, not a piece of machinery that “needs” to be change every year…

    The only REAL change (other than the layout) is that now my password has to contain the “forbidden characters” that most secure sites shun… Personally (and there are probably other credit union members who would agree with me) I liked the “check book register” layout better – easy to navigate and look at… The “new” account layout is not that easy on the eyes – especially with the senior citizens…

    I’m sure your “design team” and “webmasters” put a lot of hours and effort into coming up with what now comes up when I log on to the site; and I’m sure I’m probably in the minority of members who don’t like the “new” look… Yep, we’ll get over it, but it sure would have been nice to have been asked for some input as to what we like and don’t like about banking sites… Credit unions are better than banks, in my opinion, but credit unions can become just as “stodgy” as regular banks and forget it’s the customer (member) that comes first – not a bunch of “techies” with ideas to make the site “look better”…

    If you would like to respond to this, fine… But please, do me a favor – don’t reply with a “canned response” – it will just prove to me you really have become just another “stodgy old banker” who only cares about the proverbial “bottom line”…

    Thank you…

  22. shari storm says:

    Thank you for the feedback. We are compiling member suggestions for future enhancements. Did you know the download feature into Excel, Money and Quicken is now easier? Also, if you go to the eDocuments tab, you’ll see that your month end statements are now in a much better format. They are easy to read and easy to print

  23. galen kindley says:

    No, SHari, I respectfully disagree, downloading into Quicken is certainly not easier. For one, the posts listed for the current day DON’T download. This wasn’t the case in the past. So, two trips to download one day’s worth of information=not easier. Second, none of my old Quicken settings recognized the new format. Had to reset up the connection. Still doesn’t work quite right, though it does work. It’s just annoying. Third, I don’t like the format of the landing page. Before, you landed on the account page of interest, now, there’s just one more mouse click to get there. I appreciate the idea of improving things and making them more secure. Perhaps this new site is more secure. But for me, it’s certainly not an improvement. Just more cumbersome and less effective. Sorry, just my point of view.

    Best Regards, Galen.

  24. shari storm says:

    Beth – We are researching how to make the download to Quicken work better. As soon as we find an answer we will publish it on this blog. In the meantime, if you want to send a message through the online banking system, our online branch manager can see if there is anything he can do to help.

    Thanks for your patience.

  25. joann says:

    I think the download to Quicken is more difficult. I have 2 checking accounts and 3 savings accounts. Previously, after the end of the month I could specify to download all accounts and then reconcile them. Now I have to do each one individually. Also, I reconcile the checking accounts during the month and before I could say download all since the last date. Now I have to specify the exact dates so one more thing to keep track of. I can navigate the new site but I haven’t seen anything except tighter security that is an enhancement. When paying my mortgage I could previously see what amount went to interest and principle. This is no longer visible.

  26. jenn says:

    More troubling is the fact that when I looked at my checking account statement on-line, a weeks worth of transactions didn’t appear including a check paid to my landlord for rent. When I went into the branch, they were able to see that the check did clear but couldn’t tell me why that information wasn’t showing when I looked at my account on-line.

    That was last Friday. Today, I am still missing a week’s worth [at least] of transactions.

    I suggest fellow customers examine their statements closely. FWIW, the missing week starts February 4 and ends February 13, 2010.

  27. Kathy says:

    Sigh… The sign-in process changes I can take. I appreciate your forcing me to create a really secure password… but the layout of the account pages and the User Experience in that area is NOT an improvement over the old site which had two advantages: it was as friendly as the people at my local branch are AND it worked smoothly. The new accounts pages are clunky in design (gray type??), old fashioned in layout, and don’t seem to show me as much at a glance (I loved the “red” for withdrawals and payments and “black” for deposits and running balance…) I’m sad.

  28. Barbara B says:

    Please fix the bill pay service quickly. This the most efficient and easy way I have paid my bills for years. I’d hate to have to transfer my funds to another bank that supports online bill payments should you not be able to fix the problem soon!

    I was very pleased with the online service before the conversion! I understand that there are snafus but bills need to be paid on time.



  29. shari storm says:

    Tara – Thanks for that note. It’s always nice to get a positive comment. We appreciate it.

  30. shari storm says:

    Steve – It was easier to change your password the first time you logged on after the conversion. From here on out, you will have to answer a series of questions if you are not behind the secured site. Additionally, password changes initiate an email to the email address we have on file for you.

  31. shari storm says:

    Mack – Thank you for your comment. We did test the site for several weeks with our employees and with a group of members. We thought we had all of the bugs worked out but a few remained when we went live. We apologize and are working hard to resolve all of them.

  32. shari storm says:

    Nick –

    Our new system is more secure and hopefully more stable. Additionally, it allows you to make transfers from one account to another financial institution, credit card information is available on the first page, bill payer can pull from any of your checking accounts, your balances show in the transfer funds page.

    We’ve heard from a few members about the trouble with downloading to tools such as Quicken and Wesabe. We are working hard on finding a solution.

  33. Katherine says:

    First I realize that you have a tough job trying to please your members and do the right thing. I am also frustrated with the change during tax season. A few things that do not appear to be available that were before, was the ability to edit line items (cleared checks). That way we can categorize before downloading into quicken. Also, I am not able to access my old statements unless I sign up for e-statements…Is there a way to change that? Thanks for all your hard work. I have been a fan of yours forever!

  34. shari storm says:

    Gerald –

    The select your photo feature is now fixed. Thanks so much for your patience.

  35. shari storm says:

    We identified early on that a group of people had a series of transactions not showing in online banking during the dates you mentioned. We have been manually fixing the problem. The transactions are still in our core system, they just didn’t show up on-line.

    I’m sorry you had difficulty with our phone service. It is often difficult to strike the proper balance between convenience and security. Hopefully your wife is now listed on your account and that will be avoided in the future.

    Thank you for your patience.

  36. shari storm says:

    Tiffany – We are looking at implimenting a mobile site, but at this point we are only in the research phase.

  37. shari storm says:

    Wayne – Please call us regarding your mortgage payment. We tried to trouble shoot your issue based on the information you gave us, but couldn’t. We need more info from you to help.

    Our number is 206-440-9000. Thanks.

  38. shari storm says:

    Carl – I’m not sure what I can say to prove we aren’t “stodgy old bankers” over here at Verity.

    We are compiling a list of member preferences for future enhancements. I agree with you, I liked the edit feature in our old online site as well. Hopefully, we can get that functionality back reasonably soon.

    Take care.

  39. Bill A says:

    Shari, Bill and Team,

    I appreciate the very positive efforts by both your customer service team and technical support team to address our concerns. Early on I tried to provide some quick feedback on several issues in order to help with some of the useability issues, and your staff have been very courteous and sincere with their concern.

    The challenge at this point is I believe the tech-team may not fully understand some of the loss of feature/capability with the new interface compared to the old. I fully agree that the new pages are clean and refreshed, but in using the old system for many years I caught on to how best to use the features (such as Web Connect) and have a good understanding of the changes between systems.

    I would greatly like to help solve this problem but I’m not sure who to speak with. I have posted several messages inside the online branch with suggestions, concerns and recomendations which I hope I can discuss further with a member of your team.

    Thanks for reading.

    Bill (>20 year member)

  40. william clayton jr says:

    i dont like the new changes. how is the new password any more secure. it just more of a headake. plus this system is still slow

  41. shari storm says:

    Galen – I apologize. I do not use Quicken and I posted that comment before I learned of the Quicken problems other members were having. We are working on it.

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