Marble: Marble floors, marble walls, marble steps, marble restrooms. MARble, MARble, MARble! I was in the Capital building last week in Olympia, Washington for Chamber Day. First impressions: that’s a lot of marble!

The invite from the Chamber President to attend Chamber Day was hard to refuse as I was curious about what goes on at Chamber Day in Olympia anyway. Then, suddenly, shades of Legally Blonde 2, I found myself walking the halls of Legislators, Senators and Governors in the seat of our State Government.

This was my first, perhaps not my last, experience with Chamber Day. And just what does Chamber Day in Olympia entail, you may query. Chamber Day is designated to accommodate the concerns of each of the numerous Business Chambers of Commerce here in Washington State. It provides a forum for businesses, through their respective chambers, to voice opinions on pressing matters from each district. Of paramount importance to the South County Coalition, of which the Auburn Chamber is a member, the #1 item on the agenda was Hwy 167 and the traffic snarl knotting up the highway every day.

Our Chamber Day opened with a continental breakfast and conversation with business people from every corner of Washington State. Following networking and coffee, we were ushered into a suite for an address from Governor Christine Gregoire to Chamber Members regarding the State of the State. Christine was candid and positive, and the crowd seemed to approve of the actions she’d taken on behalf of Washington businesses.

Chamber President Nancy Wyatt then led three of us through the halls of justice to meet personally with Dan Roach and Christopher Hurst, with whom we discussed not only traffic, but also the plight of mechanic and technical jobs and the lack of applicants to fill them. Each legislator took about 15 minutes between committee meetings and bill drafting to devote time specifically to us and address our concerns. It was informative and illuminating to witness our tax dollars at work.

The day seemed to pass in an instant. Long, but none-the-less too short. So as a result of my whirlwind visit, what I would say my fellow chamber members? Go, learn, and meet new people. And to certain fellow Board members I’d say: Chamber Day was not boring for this particular Board Member; in fact, I’m on board with participating again, because I was anything but bored!

Melanie Mosshart

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