Susan Molina
From the Auburn Branch

Oh to be 3 Again…

Susan Molina on October 30th, 2013 No Comments

Preschool, Bubble Guppies, best friends, snacks and dress up are the biggest concerns of my daughter’s life. Halloween is here and this has become the event of the year thus far. I’m pretty sure we went to the Halloween store about five times before we finally agreed on a costume. We looked at doctors, butterflies, witches and bees. After contemplating and discussing this with my three year old we finally agreed that Ariel would be the best costume for her! This is one of my favorite holidays, she not only gets to use her imagination but mommy gets to help her look like a real princess! She loves wearing make-up and curling her hair, who am I kidding; I love to put make-up on her and curl her hair too!

Susan Molina

Hello, my name is Susan. I was born and raised in Loveland, Colorado. I, along with my daughter and boyfriend, just relocated to Bonney Lake, Washington in March of 2013. My boyfriend was offered a position with Lowe’s that we couldn’t pass up, and along the way, I found a place at Verity Credit Union in May of 2013. I work at the Auburn location as a full-time MSR. I was told that we moved here at the perfect time — when Washington weather will trick you into loving it — and I agree! Since we are fairly new to the area, we still like to go out and do the touristy type of stuff, eat at new places and go to different museums. Since we are a young family, we are using this time to explore our options and let ourselves live life to the fullest.

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