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Notes From New York City

Shari Storm on February 10th, 2008 No Comments

Three things stood out that week, in terms of what I think our members would find useful.

First – Virgin Money.

I met Asheesh Advani, who was the founder of Circle Lending and is now the president of Virgin Money USA. I love that they help people solidify and make binding or legal, lending between family and friends.

When I first head of this model, I didn’t immediately see the power in it. But when Asheesh presented, I remembered that my first home in Seattle was not possible without a little financial help from our parents. I think many people are the same boat in this market. Then I learned that over 6 million people admitted to borrowing from family and friends in the last US Census. Clearly there is a need.

Second – Wesabe

I’ve known Jason Knight (co-founder of Wesabe) since last year. He has always impressed me as a smart, genuine person who wants to use the power of social media and technology to help people understand and manage their finances.

The day that he presented, he also rushed out to do this interview.

Third – Larissa

All of us interested in social media have been watching Commonwealth Credit Union’s social media campaign with great attention.

Several weeks ago, the facilitator of the Young and Free campaign produced and released a video. It has made it’s way all around credit unions everywhere. It is a nice little clip so I thought I would share it with you.

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