Parenting amplifies your worst traits.

Parenting amplifies your worst traits. Well at least for me it does. My daughter is having a difficult time at school. I’m pretty sure the cause is the anxiety over a new little brother, mommy making two trips to the hospital this week for false labor and the lack of sleep in general going around in the house. However, as soon as she started having problems it brought out all my worst traits.

I became paranoid that other moms and the teacher were talking about any little thing that happened. I was sure that there were side conversations of people talking about me being a bad mom. Yes, I know it wasn’t even about me. In a way though, isn’t preschool a lot about the parents as much about the kids?

Then I began worrying she was going to be asked not to come back. I was sure that her emotional outbursts were two much and that she’d need to leave. This spurred me to an entire thought process that she was going to have issues next year in kindergarten. I realize that is a year away and there will be so much maturing between now and then.

Lastly, this situation brought out my tendency to obsess on things. I like to sink my teeth into something and just stay on it till it is resolved. Have you ever tried to do that with a 4 year? Let me tell you the attention span is just not there. I might as well have tried to read her an encyopedia front cover to back. Yet, I kept trying to talk it out with her and explain why crying and screaming in class is not acceptable. By the end, it was me that was crying and wanted to scream.

So, what did this week as a parent teach me? After talking to a couple of moms it turns out the emotional outbursts of my daughter are not the talk of the preschool. I learned that the actions of a 4 year old don’t define me. Lastly, I need to start reading more or get another hobby because obsessing over preschool is not healthy. Lastly, I’m closing this week knowing that I’m ready for next week to begin.

Le Ann Langston

Hello! I’m Le Ann Langston and I’m the Director of Member Services Northgate for Verity Credit Union. Member Service Manager is another name for the call center manager. Talking on the phone was a hobby of mine as a teenager and now I have made a career of it. If only I had a cool headset when I was 13! In my spare time I enjoy yoga, writing and reading just about anything. I am slightly addicted to TV and am currently hooked on a number of shows. Given this list of indoor pursuits you may find it hard to believe that I enjoy traveling to new places. Most people would never know that at one point I almost moved to London just for a change of pace.

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  1. shari storm says:

    Worrying, fretting, overemphasizing, dramatizing…. hmmmm… you sound a lot like me when I was pregnant. Hopefully your hormones are abating now that you’ve had little brother and you’ve settled in to a less obsessive perspective. It will all work out. Your daughter is so bright and charming. It’s a phase. Thank goodness you have supportive parents in your school to keep you grounded.

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