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My Wedding

Milt Fritts on August 18th, 2006 No Comments

I recently married again after quite a few years of being the single father blessed with the opportunity of raising his two sons. That fact in itself is with worth several blogs but alas, I shall have to save these for another day.

My new spouse hails from the land of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. If any of you are avid movie watchers, you might recognize these names from the action adventure flick “Braveheart”. In an effort to honor my bride and pay homage to her heritage I actually wore a kilt. Wow, you might be thinking, “that was a dumb thing to do if you are not Scottish” or “that was a kind and brave thing to do”. If you ask me, I would have to say, none of the above. Granted, I was nervous but to show respect for another’s heritage is neither dumb nor brave, but that is how I am today. If truth be known, had I met my bride even as little as a decade ago, I might not have had the nerve to pull it off.

In my current position as Business Services Manager, I cannot take a hide and seek approach. I am here to grow the department and help our current and future members. Armed with a great group of co-workers, we are about to embark on an ambitious task of calling on the businesses within our footprint. In other words, we are going to start knocking on the doors of the local businesses to introduce ourselves and show them what we have to offer. This type of business development used to have my knees quivering and my voice wavering. After a while, meeting people I did not know became much easier and today, I find it a rewarding experience. The object of these visits is not to “sell” the business anything but to let them know that Business Services is available to them at Verity. It is a hard thing for any business to change their relationship with their current financial provider and we understand that. We are just letting these hard working people know that we are here to help if they should ever want or need a change. The exciting part comes when they do make the change and we have the opportunity to view the workings of the business that these people have poured their life’s blood into. That is truly an amazing thing to experience.

Milt Fritts

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