On January 3, as I drove past our local grade school on my way to work, I saw a little girl on a unicycle.

She was about seven years old and she was clearly riding her unicycle to school. My god did that put a smile on my face! I laughed out loud – the kind of laugh you do when you see something you really like.

All the way to work I thought of that little second grader, riding her unicycle to school. I thought of her on the way home too. I hoped that I would see her again.

I want to be like that. I want to be unique and brave and energetic. I want to do things for Verity that are spunky. I want to do things in my personal life that are memorable.

Before 8 am on Tuesday morning, I was thinking about resolutions that had to do with budgets and diets and answering emails quickly. Now I’m all about the spunk. How the heck that will manifest into action, I have no idea. Stay tuned though.

Shari Storm

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