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Notice lately how movies and even some TV shows are not only following a formula but frequently just re-making a previously produced movie or show? I have, and for the most part I stay away.
There can be much to be said about perfecting or improving on something and I get that. What I don’t get is the fact that usually they take an already good or great movie or show and try to make it even better. The results are sometimes successful and sometimes disastrous. I choose not to take that chance. Not that I am against change or giving “New and Improved” an opportunity, but I just feel that if I truly enjoyed something the first go round I want to remember and hang onto that good memory and move on to other things. If I didn’t particularly care for something originally, chances are pretty slim I won’t care for the bumped up version either. However, truly bad movies rarely get a second chance at it. If they did, I am not sure how I would respond. I guess it would depend on the production and what the previews indicated was altered.

Today’s topic is another of those – Shannon goes to an unsuspecting co-worker and asks for a random subject. Only after the subject is given to I reveal what it is for. I struggled with this one because “Movies” can be a very broad topic. Hard to narrow it down.

In the spirit of the thing I did attend a movie I had wanted to see, Moneyball. It was not exactly what I expected and it was a ‘remake’ of a different color. It was based on a true story. I think of all the different types of remakes I prefer a story or event being re-told / re-interpreted on the big screen. The only usual difficulty for me is that I know how the movie ends. This was not really the case with Moneyball since I don’t follow baseball (or any professional sport) at all.

When I go to a movie I have very little expectations. I only expect to be entertained. When I leave a movie I usually ask myself what I came away with. In the case of Moneyball I got the profound sense that it is somewhat of a metaphor for our times and the way we run our lives and businesses.

I don’t want to have a spoiler for the movie in here and I am sure others may not have gotten or will get the same thing(s) out of it. That being said, basically I think that our times, especially economic, are drastically different than they have ever been. In my opinion we need to dramatically alter the way we act and react to all of our financial dealings. We need to shake it up and go out on a limb to shake off the old ways that may have worked once but are not working now. People resist change (especially major change) vehemently. We may get laughed at, railed against and the like, but as the guy in the movie said, “The first guy through the wall always gets the most beat up”.

It certainly isn’t easy being that first person through, but if you think you have a great idea, put it out there, plant the seed at least. Talk to other forward thinking people about it. If you see an organization who is giving something innovative a shot that others may be railing against, take a look at their bruises they may just be the first one through that wall.

I believe we must avoid making the same mediocre movie over again (possibly improving but possibly not). We may want to seriously seek and implement ways we can create and enact something entirely different.

Clearly, what we keep doing and re-doing is not the box office smash hit we need.

Shannon Callahan

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