80 Thousand dollars! Is that a lot of cash? It seems like a lot of cash to me. And for the small community of Auburn, Washington, it speaks volumes about how we feel about our young ladies, as that was the amount raised in scholarship funds for the twenty-four young contestants competing in the annual Miss Auburn Scholarship Pageant.

For the past couple of years, Verity has sponsored a young woman in the Miss Auburn Scholarship Pageant as a segment of our community involvement. We, the Auburn branch and Verity Credit Union as a whole, support and cheer for our candidate each year, following her on her journey to winning funds for a college scholarship and maybe even the coveted Miss Auburn Title.

The two day event in February is extremely, and perhaps to some, surprisingly, entertaining. These young women play the harp, sing opera, dance salsa, jazz and modern, perform Broadway numbers and amaze the audience with their talent. I highly recommend attending the event to see for yourself what Auburn’s promoting in this Pageant worth 80 thousand dollars.

This year we were proud to sponsor Camille Meek, an ambitious 17 year old with aspirations of being an advice columnist. Perhaps we’ll someday see “Dear Miss Camille” in our local paper or national magazine.

Camille’s strength lies in her cool demeanor, her exceptional speaking ability, her statuesque posture and her fabulously fun dancing routine set to Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend and Material Girl. She won a $2500.00 scholarship for her appearance in a stunning ice blue satin evening gown and was very comfortable speaking about her platform for mentoring children. She is smart, polite, poised and pretty. She’s got it all.

Camille uses none of the valley girl, “like um, ya know, really?” vernacular that is often heard at the mall. Her Mother taught her at an early age not to use “um” and, um, she doesn’t, and it makes a big difference when speaking with her. She is, like many of the young women in the program, mature and thoughtful about life and her future. However, unlike many of today’s youth, she has a command of English, and that will benefit her greatly in life. As a member of Toastmasters, I commend her for that unique virtue.

In the process of supporting her through the Miss Auburn Scholarship Pageant, this year I personally feel like I’ve made a friend as well. I know whatever Camille chooses to do in her future, she will be a success, and it’s nice to know that Verity played a small role in promoting that future success by supporting Camille’s ambitions. I also know that she will be a tremendous role model for other young ladies. And how do I know that? I have it on authority of my eleven year old niece, Sophia. Sophia, Phia as we call her, looks up to each of the Miss Auburn contestants, particularly Camille, with aspirations of her own for someday wearing that bling-bling sparkling tiara on her own golden head.

Melanie Mosshart

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  1. Tim McAlpine says:

    Camille sounds like a terrific young lady and definitely someone who shares the Verity spirit.

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