A valuable resource…

…For our members and other Verity Credit Union departments, Member Solutions has a team of 7 people with wealth of knowledge in a plethora of areas. If we don’t have the answer we know who does. Go ahead and challenge us. We are up for it!

Caring individuals who are understanding and kind…

…Each and every one of us looks forward to truly helping people one on one. We are in this to find solutions to difficult situations and to achieve the most positive outcomes possible for our members. Try it, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Willing to go the extra mile…

…We are all about taking the time and making the effort to not only do the job right but do it better.

Able to navigate the oddest circumstances…

…There is nothing too “strange” for Member Solutions. We are continually presented with situations that many consider truly “bizarre” and others that are just slightly “unusual.” No two are exactly the same, but we do not balk at any of it. We take it all in stride and work through it with you. On the flip side, there is also no situation too small or ordinary. We are here to help.

Out of the ordinary…

…We are not your typical anything. The whole Member Solutions team works together to achieve unlimited dimensions of excellence. We do not fit inside any box or stereotype. Again, give us the opportunity and I am sure we will exceed your expectations.

Shannon Callahan

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  1. Lara S says:

    Great post Shannon. Thanks again for the help yesterday. I can testify to your willingness to help your fellow staff. PS I LOVE your avatar!

  2. Sasha Kemble says:

    …an awesome department that cares about serving both members and staff.

    Great blog post, Shannon!

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