The team at Verity’s Auburn branch has undergone a few changes

We call ourselves the Auburn Super Team, since we are next door to the Auburn Super Mall.

Please allow me to introduce you to our team by way of some “fun facts” …

Preston Keldgord is our new Member Service Representative:

  • Preston is an Eagle Scout
  • He was the last person to go up the Eiffel Tower in 2010
  • He once bathed in a Moroccan Hammam
  • He is a distinguished expert in light rifle shooting
  • He likes Graphic and Web Design so much that he started a Social Media Management business
  • My favorite fun fact about Preston is that he once won $10 for taking 2nd prize in a beauty contest

Paige Stewart is also our new Member Service Representative:

  • Paige frequently travels to Mazatlan, Mexico (she’s going for her 5th time at the end of this month)
  • She’s driven the same car since she was 16 (a glorious 2000 Honda Civic that only has 70k miles on it)
  • She has a gamer score of over 20k on her XBOX 360
  • She says she plays golf semi-decently
  • She’s obsessed with drinking Diet Coke (she does know how terrible it is for her)
  • My favorite fun fact about Paige is that she was voted ‘Most likely to be the Leader of the World’ in high school, while her best friend was voted ‘Most likely to be the Henchman of the Leader of the World’

Jennifer (“Jen”) Worley is our most senior Member Service Representative:

  • Jen’s our Motorcycle Mama (she’s a mom who rides a Suzuki M40, to be exact)
  • She got to pet a shark on her honeymoon
  • When she was a baby, Jeff Probst held her (her dad used to play softball with the host of Survivor)
  • She swam in a phosphorescence body of water (the water glowed when she swam in it)
  • She just completed her 1st year at Verity Credit Union
  • Jen made us laugh when she said she’s “the whitest Mexican you’ll ever meet!” (Our petite red head is ½ Mexican)

Amanda Ragsdale is our Operations Assistant Manager (aka Assistant Branch Manager):

  • She was a Coach for the Special Olympics
  • She has about 2 hours of time flying a plane
  • She played the piano for 19 years, and played the clarinet for 10 years
  • She hiked Mt. Haleakala Hawaii in 12 hours
  • She loves horses
  • She’s been at Verity for almost 2 ½ years
  • Amanda stumped us when she told us she was a Yearling Trainer (we learned that meant she trained horses that were 1 to 2 years old)

Wendi Fracasso (that’s me) is the Operations Manager (aka Branch Manager):

  • My 1st real job was as a Plastics Fabricator (I used a table saw & taught people how to repair fiberglass items)
  • I lived on the island of Mallorca for a year
  • I watched Damascene swords & jewelry being made at a factory in Toledo, Spain
  • I graced the halls of St. Paul’s Cathedral in Vatican City & visited The Colosseum in Rome, Italy
  • I’ve been scuba diving in the Caribbean
  • To learn how to drive a stick shift, I traded my automatic in for a manual so I had to learn!
  • I am Health nut who can blow bubbles off my tongue
  • I’ve been at Verity for almost 5 years
  • When my team reads this, they’ll learn that I once performed as the Bride of Dracula at Universal Studios

We’d love to learn some fun facts about you. Next time you visit the Auburn branch, please share your life stories with us.

Wendi Fracasso

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