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Paige Stewart on May 7th, 2013 No Comments

For those of you who have been in a branch in the last couple weeks you will have noticed our new orange plaques. Each plaque is unique to each Verity employee. Our Marketing Department did a bang-up job putting them together. So far only a couple of members have commented on my plaque, so I thought I would give a little more detail as to my creative choices.

The top displays some personal information. My full name, job title, and how long I’ve been working for Verity (going on a year and four months now). Below this generic information is where the fun begins. Each employee submitted personal pictures and information to create these great little setups.

I have four pictures on mine: a badge, an insignia, a skyline, and an avatar.

The badge is of my Harry Potter house- Ravenclaw- the Auburn teller line all took an online Harry Potter sorting hat quiz and each of us ended up in a different house! Jen is a Hufflepuff, while Preston is a Gryffindor. My insignia is a graphic of my alma mater: The University of Puget Sound. It includes our signature hatchet. The skyline is the Seattle skyline from our debit cards. I love the features we offer to our members, especially our Cartwheel checking and thought it would be nice to include. Finally, the avatar is my personal character from my XBOX Live account. She greets me every time I log on and now she can greet you too!

Underneath the picture collage is a Hobbies section. I wrote down Sci-Fi, Board Games, and Grilling. I have recommendations for each one.

Sci-Fi: There are some great classic Sci-Fi reads out there. I would highly suggest looking into the public domain for titles that are out of copyright and free for you to read online. I recently finished rereading H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine for free on my Kindle!

Board Games: At a get together with some Verity co-workers we had a great time playing Dixit. It is an imaginative card game that requires no skill besides an active mind.

Grilling: Great weather is upon us! I find nothing tastes better than a well prepared burger. I will pick up some fresh ground hamburger from a local deli and add the following (change it around for your own preference) mesquite barbeque sauce, minced garlic, minced onion, salt, and pepper. Delicious! Never have a boring burger again!

Paige Stewart

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