Tracking a healthy diet and remembering to exercise is extremely hard work. For those people that say it’s easy, I call them, in the nicest way possible, LIARS! As much as I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the occasional piece of chocolate cake can easily sneak onto my plate (as if they had legs- I tell you!) and don’t get me started on bacon. (Mmmmm….. BACON) I digress, but sometimes sitting on the couch binge watching the Simpsons for a few hours, sounds like a much better idea than lifting weights at the gym. But with determination and help from family and friends, it does become easier to remain active. My husband always seems to find a way for us to work out together, whether it’s going for a walk or going to the gym together. This not only motivates us, but can also breed some healthy competition. This is how I found out that he may be stronger than me, but he’s not faster than me! What also works for me, is setting a few small food and exercise goals. This not only puts me on track but its positive reinforcement to keep going, when I do reach these goals. Last month I decided not to have any alcohol beverages in April. It is now April 29, and I have not had one drink. My liver thanks me and so does my waistline. Did you know a glass of wine is anywhere between 140-165 calories each! If you don’t consume alcohol than this goal might sound silly to you, but set goals that do fit your lifestyle. Try, no soda for a week and then work up to a month, or set a goal to drink more water, or make an effort to walk 15 minutes a day, and build from there. By setting I goal that I know I can achieve, it helps me build and set higher goals for myself.

Another thing that has motivated me is my Fitbit. Fitbit is a wristwatch/pedometer with a heart monitor. It determines how many calories are burned for the day and how many flights of stairs you take. It links you to other Fitbit users and also motivates you to get up and walk. It’s a little obsessive how many times I check my steps in a day, but it really does encourage you to get up and move when you realize you’re 2000 steps behind a friend. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is hard work, but with support, friendly competition, and small goals, it does it get easier. I am envious of those (liars-again in the nicest way possible) out there that say it’s easy, because it’s not for me. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is hard work, but knowing I’m putting my health first and making small efforts to stay healthy is worth it.

Rithy Yip

Hi! My name is Rithy (pronounced “Raw-Tee”). I am the Lending Product and System Specialist for Verity Credit Union. Although I am new to Verity Credit Union, I have worked for Not for Profit Credit Unions for over eight years (and counting). My previous roles included everything from Teller, Loan Processor, Shared Branch Administrator, Accounting to Credit Analyst. In 2011, I completed my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Washington in Communications and Social Sciences. I love my current role at Verity Credit Union. I am responsible for research and development of new loan products and assist in managing our loan operating systems. I am learning new things every day and that excites me!

I live in Seattle and enjoy eating and running, but preferably not at the same time (trust me, gets too messy). I’m lucky enough to say I got to marry my best friend, who also happens to enjoy eating and running. In my free time, I also love to cook and spend time with family and friends. My family loves to get together and celebrate, and we celebrate in the best way possible, with lots and lots of food! Even when I’m not celebrating with family, I often find myself cooking meals for at least 6 people, even though it’s just for my husband and me. My love for food is also the main reason in why I enjoy to run!

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