I am a diehard MAC fan.

I am the only G5 MAC at work (due to my web and graphic design demands). I have a G5 and an iBook laptop at home. I have a first generation iPod and a 3rd generation iPod. I created a DVD using iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD to document my son’s first nine months for the grandparents.

I don’t have a life—I have an iLife.

And the only reason I have a dark blue Dell next to my pretty silver G5 is because there are some financial applications that just don’t jive on a MAC. I live in a two-platform world.

So, yes I enjoy MAC products and of late, I’ve been enjoying those MAC ads featuring the straight-laced, corporate PC guy and the hip, laid-back MAC guy. The ad does a great job of giving a face and personality to two very different computer products. Certainly both computers can give you the tools you need to do what you want, but the ad cleverly plays into the human need to belong or to be “someone.” Do you want to be the hip, cool kid or the tie-wearing conservative guy? According to the ad, You are you’re computer and vice versa.

I was forwarded a link to a website where the MAC ads was parodied to show the differences between credit unions and banks—and it does a great job. Here is a link: http://www.bankerspank.com/Site/Blog/Blog.html

In the parody, the “PC guy” is replaced by a well-suited “Bank” and the “Mac guy” is replaced by a casually dressed “Credit Union.” There are three parodies in all, emphasizing the differences between the bank and the credit union with the same back and forth comedic tone and dialogue that the MAC ad uses. I found it to be an entertaining way to show how credit unions are not-for profit cooperatives that serve their members.

Check out the parodies yourself. After watching them, don’t you feel glad to be a member of a credit union?

And if you aren’t, don’t you wish you were?

Laurel McJannet

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  1. Terrell says:

    I was afraid to watch these because I thought the credit union guy would be too much like the Mac guy on the Mac ads, but he’s great! He doesn’t come off as arrogant or “hip” to me, but as a really relatable and genuine guy.

    These are awesome.

  2. Elaine Nelson says:

    Very entertaining! (My boss sent me the link, too.)

    (Tangentially: eCom Gal? I’m new to credit union web work, and I’d love to talk…enelson@twinstarcu.com)

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