Verity Credit Union will be on New Day NW on Wednesday, August 11.

The segment will be on couples with different spending / savings habits, i.e. he’s a shopper, she’s a saver or visa versa. Margaret wants to talk with them about what types of tactics they’ve used to make it work.

If you are interested in being interviewed on a television talk show, please call Shari Storm at 206-361-5395.

Shari Storm

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  1. Don says:


    My wife and I pre spend every dollar in our budget at the beginning of the month.

    This is critical to a successful month of spending and saving.

    We always start (First) with spending into our savings account and then setting aside our Tithe to our Church.

    Next, all the other important catagories are funded including fun money.

    Once the budget is set for the month, thats when the fun starts. My wife lands on the budget like a jet plane. She knows exactly where the budjet catagories are and within days she is off to the grocery store, nails and hair appointments and various local shops.

    She routinely starts at the first of the month visiting grocery stores stocking the home shelves with an incredible variety of healthy foods. Then she is off for her personal fun spending that will last all month. She often will look for Christmas presents early in the year for the grandchildren.

    For myself, all I want is a visit to the local hardware store and will spend a couple of hours looking for the bet deals.

    For travel anywhere, we save and pre fund the adventures always searching for the best deals. If you are patient, it is easy to land remarkable travel cost savings.

    My wife is most happy when she will take the paper coupons and run around town in her vehicle(that is payed for) shopping till she drops.

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