If you get a call and the person on the other line says they are representing Verity CU’s Security Department, hang up. It’s a scam targeted at getting your personal account information.

Today we’ve heard from various consumers (members and non-members) who are getting calls or voicemail from “Verity CU.” They are being told that their debit card and checking account has been frozen and that they must call Verity CU’s Security Department.

This is the latest scam aimed at getting your account number, debit card number and other personal information.. If you get a call, hang up– it’s not us! (The number the fraudster uses changes constantly. So far, the number 866-430-4333 has been used.) At the very least, do not give out any of your personal account information.

If you inadvertently shared your personal information, be it through this particular scam or not, please call us right away at (800) 444-4589 so we can take the necessary measures to protect your accounts with us.

Laurel McJannet

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  1. John Fitzpatrick says:

    How did they get member phone numbers?

  2. Marianna Sheehan says:

    I have had numerous such calls and they generally ask me for my number and request I identify charges to be sure they are legitimate. How do I identify legitimate calls from your security since you do make them? Marianna

  3. Andres says:

    Thanks for the warning. I would expect crooks to use the name of a large bank to maximize their odds of finding an actual customer, so this may have fooled me if I received such a call (I haven’t). Any idea why Verity is being targeted? Has your customer contact info has leaked out somehow?

    Thanks again.

  4. Melina Young says:

    Thank you so much for the interested comments, @andres, @marianna and @john. In short, no, Verity has NOT had a security breach – so you do not need to worry about that. Your comments spurred a great article with tips from our fraud officer, Melissa. It is called Fraudsters Aren’t Picky and you can read it here.

    If you have additional questions, or this didn’t answer your question completely, please call us at (800) 444-4589 and someone can help you.

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