It isn’t often that real-world karma comes along and nudges up against your leg, like a cat looking for those few moments of attention before bounding back behind the couch to chase some imagined (or real) mouse. But, every once in a while, there it is, purring, waiting for an ear scratch, ready to dole out every single piece of love it has. Ah, karma, you shy beastie.

Except, once in a long, long while, karma comes wandering up with a contingent of friends stretching further than you’ve ever seen, and bombards you, buries you even, under all of its loveliness and warmth. Like that sun out there, (sometimes) burning so brightly in the sky.

On July the 1st, I meandered in, ready for a disjointed week, what with the holiday mid-week threatening to throw a monkey’s wrench into my schedule, in the best way possible. I was quickly reminded of an interaction I had while here the previous Saturday, which was lost amongst the blurry memories of that busy and fulfilling day. We’ve started a program called Random Acts of Verity, and the first stop was at Caffe Appassionato next door to the branch, where we bought drinks for people out of the blue, handing them a Random Acts of Verity badge. A woman, BettySue, snuck into the branch. BettySue had just been in to do a transaction, and wanted to thank me for buying her beverage at the coffee shop that day. She said she was ready to pay it forward. Ah, a tiny trickle of remembered karma, invading my senses on this Monday morning. Perfect.

Then, the doors opened, and the first person in the door sat at my desk. Churchill, we’ll call him. Well, Churchill had been at an ATM down the street over the weekend, was bobbing along in his own little world, thinking about all the wonderful things to do in the sunshine, and the ATM screen asked if he’d like to do a transaction, so along he went, and withdrew $200.00. Then he wanted to check the balance of his savings account, only to find that it was very wrong. It was only then that he realized he had not put his debit card into the ATM. Well.
As it was Sunday, there was nothing to do but wait. So, Churchill came in on Monday morning, with the debit card, $200 in cash, and the receipt. He handed it all over to me after explaining that he’d tried to get ahold of the member, but was unable to find any contact information.

I really couldn’t believe it. With all of the fraud stories out there, this here Churchill had withdrawn $200 from an account not his, and then had access to the card. He could have pocked the money and gone on a spending spree. And yet, here he was, handing it all back, no problem. He even left his name and phone number, just in case our member wanted to contact him, or if anything fishy happened. I hope the karma train pays this Churchill back 100 fold, as things could have gone drastically worse.

But oh no, that wasn’t everything. The next member who sat down, we’ll call him Jimbob, came in not five minutes later. Well, Jimbob pointed to one of the tellers and said that this teller had helped him the previous week, when he was trying to figure out a payment that was having trouble on the other end. Jimbob worked with the teller for a while, through what he explained was a frustrating process. At one point, Jimbob told me ‘Even I would have rolled my eyes at me, had I been in the teller’s position.’ And, he said, the teller was so helpful, he wanted to come in and present a gift card. I asked for Jimbob’s name, but he said it didn’t matter, that he wanted to remain anonymous, but that he wanted to thank the teller for all the help and putting up with his ridiculousness. So, there was a gift card to a coffee shop, no note or anything like that, and Jimbob was out the door.

Well I’ll be. That’s three doses of karma in the first 20 minutes of work on a gorgeous Monday during a holiday week. Is there really any better way to start a day, a week, a month? I think not.

Here’s hoping July will continue the Karma Train (chugga chugga CHOO CHOO!), and that beautiful weather.

Matthew Kingston

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  1. Danae says:

    Proof that a little goes a long way. I loved this post, let us all continue to give with the same energy we want to receive!

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