We have a really nice building at Northgate. It’s 3 stories tall, very contemporary, with lots of glass. On Tuesday, I was in the accounting department which faces north, and a bird flew smack into the window. There was a loud thud and an explosion of feathers. We were all shocked; none of us quite sure what we should do. The bird was lying in the middle of the drive-through, motionless. I thought for sure it was dead, but Janie said she saw it moving. I was on the way back to my desk to find info on animal rescue organizations when the receptionist told me I should put it out of its misery and run it over with my car. I was seriously contemplating her suggestion when I walked back over to accounting to get another look at the bird. That’s when I saw Bill (our CEO), Jae and Brian out in the drive-through. They had picked the bird up, put it into a small box and placed it under a tree. It was actually very touching to see their concern.

But, the bird was still not showing signs of life and I decided to make some inquiries at local animal shelters. The best information I gathered was from PAWs Wildlife Center who has a hotline to call when you find an injured animal: 425-787-2500 ext. 817. Here is what they told me to do when window strikes occur:

Carefully pick up the bird and put it in a brown paper bag with the top folded over or a cardboard box with flaps or a lid. Make sure that the bird is upright—prop it up with a supporting circle of paper towels or tissues if necessary. If the weather is very cold outside, bring the bag or box inside to warm up the stunned bird. If the weather is warm, you can leave the bag/box outside, but place it out of reach of pets. Do not try to give the bird food or water. Leave it alone in a warm, quiet, dark place and check on it every once in a while to see if it has recovered. Release it into the wild and watch for signs of injury. If the bird seems to have injuries or isn’t moving at all after a couple hours, I was told to call back the Wildlife Center.

I am happy to report that after about an hour or so, our bird was climbing its way up a tree and seemed uninjured. Thanks to Bill, Jae and Brian for their speedy action, dead-on instincts, and for their genuine love of all things furry.


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  1. Bill says:

    That was a great rendition of what happened. I had not heard about the idea of running it over with a car. Thanks for memorializing the episode.

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