Every year I hear advertisments for Valentine’s Day and how to “Appropriately” shower the one you love with love, affection, and of course “the best and most memborable ” gift ever. It is quite a clever marketing ploy for a lot of businesses. I started thinking of this holiday as it is approaching, to the times when I celebrated this holiday as a child. In preschool, and elementry school we made our parents and classmates handmade cards, and fashioned Valentine’s Day boxes for all of these little treasures we had worked so diligently on. It was all of the buzz on the playground, anticipating the Valentines Day celebration. The day would arrive, and what a joyus celebration indeed. Now, as an adult I am not sure about anyone else it seems like quite a complex, and often times for those of us who are lacking in the relationship department slightly depressing holiday. This year I think instead of focusing on that “appropriate” gift giving I am going back to the basic fundamentals, and show the ones I love that I care by a simple card or call. You should try it too!

Rachel Cline

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