Every month seems to recognize a multitude of things. Lots of important health concerns, safety considerations, and fun events in general. But some observances are… unusual. In addition to all of the serious things our calendar pays homage to, there’s a lot of goofy stuff to celebrate, too.

With that I’d like to put the spotlight on October and all of its weird and wonderful observances. There’s just so much to celebrate before Halloween arrives at month’s end.

The Unusual
Looking to host a unique event this October? You can always celebrate Mad Hatter Day if you’re an Alice in Wonderland fan. Allegedly started by some Hatter loving high tech folks in Boulder, CO, it’s celebrated on the sixth of the month. Why? Because of the paper slip the Mad Hatter wore in his hat that read “10/6”. It’s a day to celebrate silliness, so anything you think is silly goes.

If costumes don’t strike your fancy you can always indulge in International Moment of Frustration Day. All you have to do is walk outside at 7pm and scream for 30 seconds. There’s also National Wear Something Gaudy Day, observed on October 17th. If you’ve ever needed an excuse to bust out your sparkly bowties or feather boas this is it.

If yelling on your porch or wearing sequins seems over the top don’t worry – October’s got you covered. The less controversial Rodent Awareness Week takes place during the final week of the month and is a pleasant reminder that cold weather gives rise to rodent infestations. Use this opportunity to rodent proof your home. Trust me, you’ll sleep more soundly.

October is National Sarcastic Awareness Month, too.

The Foods
This is apparently a big month for morsels. It’s National Chili, Country Ham, Pizza, Dessert, Sausage, Cookies and Seafood month. Important foods such as sandwiches, vegan baked goods, eggs, and candy corn all have their own special days, too. And then there’s Halloween, the candy free-for-all that, in America, dates back to the 1930s. Prefer something healthier? Enjoy National Kale Day on the first Wednesday of the month.

Just for Fun
Bald and Free Day. Touch Tag Day. World Smile Day. Ship in a Bottle Day. Name Your Car Day. Octopus Day. I Love Lucy Day.

If you like to celebrate, October’s got an event for you each and every day. Enjoy!

Alicia Diefenbach

My name is Alicia Diefenbach and I’m a Community Relations Specialist at Verity Credit Union.  I absolutely love my role at Verity!  I have the opportunity to explore the communities in which we’re located, reach out to organizations and individuals making these places dynamic, inviting places to live, and get involved with activities that support their well-being.

In my spare time I dote on my vegetable garden.  It still never ceases to amaze me that I can create my dinner out of dirt, some seeds, and cooperative weather.   I love my dog, Frank.  Also, I go to rock shows.  A whole lotta rock shows.

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