If you are like many Americans, you probably have, or are about to, upgrade to Apple’s new operating system for your iPhone or iPad.

Our mobile banking vendor has identified a few issues our app has with the new system. They are:

1. Issues associated with the “Find Near Me” feature in the ATM/Branch locator. The app will freeze or flicker and not return location results. Members must hit their home button to move the “Find Near Me” application to the background or close it to continue using Verity’s mobile banking.

2. Intermittent “connection errors.”

3. “Cosmetic” Enrollment issue. When a member first enrolls for mobile banking on their device, they are asked for their mobile phone number. Hitting “Done” on the keyboard is auto-correcting that field, displaying unnecessary commas. However, the member will continue with the enrollment process. Please note that the phone number does NOT get populated into the database with commas.

Our mobile banking provider is working quickly to make sure these issues are corrected. They should be fixed within the week.

I haven’t upgraded my phone yet, but I’m dying to play with this Siri thing that I keep hearing about!

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