Verity has long been an innovative company. We were early adopters of debit cards, mortgage services, online banking, and online bill payer.

We are proud of our Platinum Passport VISA card which we think is very innovative. We’ve been awarded an Innovator of the Decade Award through Net.Banker because of our early efforts in social media. Our debt counseling is also an innovative standout in our industry.

Recently, a company called Co-Op Financial Services (the company which brings our members the ATM network that we love so much), announced an innovation contest. Of course, Verity entered.

We are one of the finalist in the contest. If you’d like to see the three ideas up for vote, please visit this link

Take a look at Shari Storm’s idea. If you think it’s a worthwhile pursuit, leave a message on this post. We are interested in what our members and our community think of the idea.

Shari Storm

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