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In Between

Shannon Callahan on September 26th, 2011 No Comments

Life is full of ups and downs and everything in between. I find (possibly due to the nature of my department) that we frequently focus on the downs and how to get through them. The other day I was speaking to a member and she reminded me that sometimes getting a better clearer picture of the positive possibilities once we are through our predicament can assist in the process.

I like to always have something to look forward to on the horizon. It doesn’t have to be some huge tropical vacation (though that would be lovely), but anything positive or better than what may currently be happening. Some days, as much as I appreciate my job, it is just what’s needed to get me through the workday. Currently I am looking forward to a short road trip to Portland where I will be attending the baby shower for the daughter of a long time friend. When things start to wear on me at home or work etcetera, I just think “Well, in only a few short weeks I will be enjoying a celebration with people I love, away from everything” frequently just that thought will make whatever I am dealing with go by faster or it inspires me to be more pro active about resolving things quickly. This Kind of keeps me from freezing up and/or letting things get me down.

When things go, as they sometimes do, from bad to worse or when you sometimes forget that there is an end because it is not in your sights, try to find something on the other side to visualize and hang onto. The member I was speaking to reminded me that there are possibilities once financial issues are better or the immediate crisis is done (and things will be better and the crisis will be over).

At Verity Credit Union, a secured Visa card is one of the credit card options. For the member I spoke to just knowing there is a safe secure way to re-establish credit and have convenient access to funds once she is beyond this bump in her road, has helped her to stay positive and productive.

What are you going to visualize for your future? Maybe not an elaborate vacation cruise but, thinking of being able to use a secured Visa to get a tank of gas on your way to visit an old friend or even just to get a lovely cup of coffee and a good book on a rainy Saturday will be what gets you through.

Also, as the ever positive and brilliant Stephanie S. Says “And then there are the Mountains!” it is true, their beauty can be utilized as a pick-me- up every time they show themselves. Thank you Stephanie, for reminding me to enjoy the wonders every day.

Shannon Callahan

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