Shari’s post below coincides with some resources that were forwarded to me by Sarah (who’s helping Shari “catch that creep” who stole her checks.) These links will be on our website soon, but I thought I’d link them here in case you’ve just read about Shari’s ordeal. This is a Microsoft video about phishing. It was played at a conference Sarah recently attended and it does a great job explaining the dos and don’ts. Our thanks to the Microsoft representative that gave us permission to link to this site.,290,310&topicid=4 This is a link to articles posted on the Verity website that discuss tips to prevent identity theft, as well as how to report it if it should happen to you. There are also more links to other organizations (including the Federal Trade Commission). This is a link to the Anti-Phishing Work Group website. You can report phishing scams at this site.

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