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I <3 Fall

Crystal Mutter on September 28th, 2012 No Comments

At the beginning of every month each of the Our Voices bloggers chooses a date to blog for that month. For September I intentionally chose a date at the end of the month so that I would have plenty of time to prepare a topic, but alas I have failed. I still can’t decide what I would like to write about because there are so many different topics to choose from. This being the case, and that we have recently had a slow and graceful transition into Fall, I’ve decided to write about Fall and what about it makes it my favorite season of the year.

  • To start with, I love the physical aspect of fall. The leaves changing color, the cooler weather, the shorter days, all of those things just have kind of a cozy feel to them that makes me want to curl up next to my fireplace with my honey sipping tea or cocoa.
  • The cooler weather is also excellent for fashion! Not only do new styles come out in the Fall, but it’s cool enough outside to start layering again, and layers mean that you can show off multiple fashion items at once! And don’t forget about all of the cute hats and scarves that you can now add to your ensemble. I, for one, love layering, sweaters, hats, scarves, and gloves, so that makes Fall the perfect time of year for my personal style.
  • My anniversary is in the Fall, and I love coming up with fun ways to celebrate the love that my husband and I share each year. We don’t generally do too much because my birthday is only a few days later, but surprising him is a challenge and I love seeing his reaction to what I have decided that he “needs” this year.
  • My birthday is in the Fall. The only thing I enjoy about my birthday any more (being that I have far surpassed all of the fun milestones like getting to drive, becoming an official adult, and being able to go to a bar) is hearing from all of my friends and family. Hearing from them how happy they are that I was born never fails to put a smile on my face, even if I’m feeling down about being another year older.
  • HALLOWEEN!!! What could be more fun than pretending to be someone else for a day?? Plus, I thoroughly enjoy the whole process of “getting dressed up.” I love the makeup, especially when special effects makeup is involved; I love putting the costume together by either making it from scratch or finding different items to “make” the outfit (I never buy pre-made costumes from a costume shop); and while I may not be very good at doing hair, I enjoy that aspect of it too because it’s a challenge. In addition to getting dressed up there’s decorating, seeing kids all dressed up in their cute little costumes, parties, and if you’re the one hosting the party there’s also all of the cooking/baking. There are just so many things to love about Halloween.
  • Thanksgiving. Do I really need to say much more than that? I personally love to cook, bake, and entertain, so I try to come up with any excuse I can to do all of these things together, and with Thanksgiving it’s built in! Plus, I have two extra days in which to do these things and clean up afterward.
  • Fall also means that it’s time to get serious about Christmas shopping. While I can’t stand crowds and going to the malls, I do enjoy going out and seeing all of the decorations (as soon as Thanksgiving is over all of the Christmas decorations go up!) and feeling the holiday spirit which for me includes picturing the looks on friends’ and family’s faces when they open the gifts that I am buying/making for them. You may be thinking “But Christmas is in the Winter time.” Well yes, it is, but technically Winter doesn’t start until December 21st which is the Winter Solstice, so the majority of your “Holiday Spirit” is during the Fall 😛

As you can see, there are a lot of things that I love about the Fall season. What’s your favorite thing about Fall?

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