So a couple of weeks ago, my husband and I bought our Christmas tree. We placed it in the tree holder, let the netting loose, and watched the needles fly all over the floor. I yanked out the Christmas decoration boxes from our overstuffed closet, and found my neatly wrapped (yeah right) string of lights.

Hanging the lights on the tree is not one of my favorite things. My arms get scrapped up, I get pine needles stuck in my clothes and its usually a little dangerous depending on what I’ve decided to use as my “latter”.

Our tree was naked for the first week or so, until I finally did what any logical person would do. I Googled ‘how to put lights on your Christmas tree’ and this is what I found.

Trust me, this video will make your holiday season much brighter. Happy holidays!

Shannon Marrs

Hi, I’m Shannon. I started at Verity in 2011 as a member service representative at the Northgate branch, but now I work as a graphic designer in the marketing department. Before working at Verity, I worked at a bakery in Bellingham and a longboard shop in Seattle.

In my free time, Shannon enjoys snowboarding, Pinterest, and spending time with my husband and two Scottish Terriers. I also love to cook — my favorite foods are cheeseburgers, sandwiches and sushi.

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