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How I lost 30 lbs!!!!

Rithy Yip on August 29th, 2014 No Comments

I know, I know, the title of this post sounds like a very sad and annoying infomercial, but this is a true story and one that I’m extremely proud to share. The journey I went through was so rewarding and challenging, it really empowered me to become a better person and an advocate for living a healthier life. In 2012 I was looking through pictures and came across one where I didn’t even recognize myself. I was really startled by what I saw. It was from the 2011 holidays and I had put on more than the normal holiday weight. I weighed myself and realized I was 30 lbs heavier than I had ever been my entire life. I didn’t remember gaining so much weight and really had no idea how long I was in denial for. The picture motivated me and from that day forward I made a choice to change something.

I had always been pretty active, occasionally taking Bikram (Hot style) yoga classes, and regularly jogging but I realized my weakness was my food choices. The food decisions I made were greasy, unhealthy and over portioned. I started my journey by reading blogs, articles and other testaments of those trying to lose weight and those that kept it off. I researched foods that provided the most benefits as far as nutritional value and taste value. After all, why would you eat something if you didn’t like the taste? I downloaded a food calorie tracking app and started to track what I ate. That was the hardest thing to overcome. I didn’t realize I was eating about 3000 calories a day, that’s more than twice the daily calories needed for my 5 foot frame. I was shocked and annoyed and didn’t want to believe that I actually ate that much! Denial and overeating were basically my two best friends for a few years. Even though I didn’t want to believe it, I figured my current lifestyle was not working, so I decided to change the way I looked at food. The most important thing I want to relay is I never dieted, I still ate what I wanted, I just made sure the portions were the right size and I really stopped to enjoy my food. I forced myself to eat slower and to stop and actually think about what I was eating and to listen to my body when enough was enough. In short, I trained myself to make better decisions about my food choices.

The next step was tracking how much I exercised. I downloaded a GPS tracking app and forced myself to walk or run at least 30 minutes a day. I made it a routine, eventually I made it a priority to go twice a day. I packed my gym bag and I forced myself to put on my work out clothes, and work out. It finally dawned on me that the meals I ate were fueling not only my body, but my mind to function and be active. Finally, the last thing that helped me was my support group or in my case, my support groupie. I had my husband, at that time fiancé, to cheer me on. Although he wasn’t excited to eat couscous or quinoa (or what he referred to as “dust” and “slightly larger dust”), he supported me with his humor and his willingness to try new things along the way with me. I started off by cooking two dinners, one for my husband and a healthier version for myself. Eventually, my husband started to eat my healthier dinners and we both lost weight together!

I guess the purpose of this post is to share my story. To share that healthy living is attainable even with a hectic schedule. All it takes it one step to make it a routine, to make it a priority in your day. It’s still challenging to make the right food decision, but I know that I’ve been there, I overcame and I’m not going back. Today, I’m by no means thin, but I can say that I am healthier, more energetic, and generally have a more positive attitude and outlook in all aspects in life. Ok, ok, I’m back to sounding like that infomercial again.

Rithy Yip

Hi! My name is Rithy (pronounced “Raw-Tee”). I am the Lending Product and System Specialist for Verity Credit Union. Although I am new to Verity Credit Union, I have worked for Not for Profit Credit Unions for over eight years (and counting). My previous roles included everything from Teller, Loan Processor, Shared Branch Administrator, Accounting to Credit Analyst. In 2011, I completed my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Washington in Communications and Social Sciences. I love my current role at Verity Credit Union. I am responsible for research and development of new loan products and assist in managing our loan operating systems. I am learning new things every day and that excites me!

I live in Seattle and enjoy eating and running, but preferably not at the same time (trust me, gets too messy). I’m lucky enough to say I got to marry my best friend, who also happens to enjoy eating and running. In my free time, I also love to cook and spend time with family and friends. My family loves to get together and celebrate, and we celebrate in the best way possible, with lots and lots of food! Even when I’m not celebrating with family, I often find myself cooking meals for at least 6 people, even though it’s just for my husband and me. My love for food is also the main reason in why I enjoy to run!

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