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Holiday Traditions

Nic Morden on December 14th, 2015 No Comments

All of this miserable dark weather lately has given me lots of time to get ready for the upcoming holidays- and plenty of time to think about them as well.

I’m at a weird age where I’m transitioning between the holiday traditions of my youth and forming new ones.  My mother has been trying to keep many of the same family holiday activities but a lot of them feel obsolete now that my sisters and I are adults.  It’s a strange transition because a lot of these acts we do seem to define us as a family, but I guess as we all get older and change so do our customs. Growing up with such a tight-knit family, all of my seasonal activities were family-oriented but now since I’ve moved to another city I’ve found many new ones with my roommates and friends here. So I thought I would list some of my favorite holiday traditions new and old that I look forward to every year!


  • To start off the holiday season, my family all goes over to our neighboring town of Coeur D’Alene on the day after Thanksgiving for the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. The fireworks always draw us in, even though its usually freezing. It’s hard to think of a better way to start the season off.
  • One of my oldest family traditions is to pack up the car on Christmas Eve and go look at houses adorned with Christmas lights. My family lives in Spokane, so the best years are when there is lots of snow and the lights twinkle from beneath. My family creates a caravan of cars and drives all over town listening to Christmas music.
  • Before we take our little Christmas light adventure, we always order Chinese food from our favorite restaurant. I am always charmed by this tradition because a lot of families do this, but it always seems like something unique or quirky to them. Or at least that’s how my family feels.
  • Two of my new favorite seasonal rituals happen with my roommates. Our senior year of college we started playing “Hide the Pickle” in our house. One of friends hides a small pickle and we tear the house apart looking for it. There is really no major prize except for coveted bragging rights. The winner gets to start off our annual “Fifthmas” celebration.
  • Which leads me to Fifthmas! Fifthmas is where all the roommates buy a fifth of alcohol to replenish our liquor cabinet for the year! We also play board games and have snacks and drinks. It’s amazing to get all my busy roommates in one room and have an evening devoted to spending time with each other.
  • On Christmas day my parents and sibling always open gifts and our extended family comes over to our house for a nice breakfast- we always have delicious casseroles and quiches. When we were little our family used to come over to see all our new toys, but now our little cousins bring their new toys over to show us.
  • For Christmas dinner we always go over to my grandparents’ house where they make the most delicious food. I dream all year of my grandmother’s twice-baked potatoes. Then we play (overly) competitive card games into the night until we’re all exhausted.

It’s funny because I often feel my family doesn’t have too many traditions, but when I start to think and list them out it turns out we have way more than I realize. While some of them have happened since I was little, many of them have started recently and I can’t help but wonder what other traditions we will develop.  I can’t wait to find out!


What traditions do you and your friends and family have this time of year?

Nic Morden

My name is Nic Morden and I am a member service representative at the Wallingford branch and an intern with the marketing department. I started with Verity in early 2015 and although I am new to the credit union industry, it feels like a great fit! I graduated from the University of Washington in 2012 with a degree in theater and in my spare time I am a managing producer and actor at my theater company, The Horse in Motion. My theater company particularly focuses on experimental processes and spaces to deconstruct classic works of theater. I find the combination of working full time at Verity during the day and creating theater in the evenings to be surprisingly complementary and incredibly fulfilling. I also love seeing films, jogging and spending time with my roommates in whatever time I have left.

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