What a day. We all had PSST, Puget Sound Snow Today. Some Verity-ites (my way of saying “Verity employees”) stayed home due to challenging and dangerous road conditions (including yours truly). As I was listening to the local news channels’ ad nauseum coverage of weather conditions, I wondered what some of my friends were doing. Here’s what I found out:

  • My brother was trying to determine how in the world is he going to make it to work tomorrow …… he lives in an extremely hilly area
  • My brother’s fianace was reminding him that he had to get to work because they have a wedding to pay for …….just kiddin’ …… i added this one for humorous effect …. or is at “affect”?
  • One of my bestest buddies lives on a lake. He was enjoying the snowy lakeside view from his balcony as he savored a big ‘ol stogie
  • My godson and his mom were encouraging dad/hubby to shovel the driveway
  • My cousin was in the middle of watching 2 of 4 movies …… yep, he’s a movie junkie
  • One of my girlfriend’s was ensuring her husband arrived at work by 1pm …… she was so looking forward to enjoying a few hours of “me” time
  • My neighbor and her son went sledding ……. sounds fun ….. too bad they weren’t properly dressed …… they were FREEZING cold upon their return home.

What did you and your friends/family do?.

Hope you had a great PSST day!

Until next time, V2

Vivian Valencia

Hi, my name is Vivian Valencia also known as “V2”. I’ve been with Verity since late 1999 and am currently serving as Director of Community Relations. My job involves increasing our Verity family of members, ensuring our corporate sponsorships are utilized to the fullest and working with our branch staff on community outreach. I LOVE my job, absolutely ADORE my colleagues, and life in general is pretty darn good. Almost every day I easily find something(s) to be grateful for ……. can you tell I’m a positive kinda’ gal?!?.

Here are a few fun facts: My favorite color is purple; I was shy as a kid (most would find this surprising); my secret wish is to learn to sing accapella (most wish I’d just learn already!); Anderson Cooper is my secret crush (well, my most recent secret crush); I love waking early in the morning to listen to the quiet; fudge brownies with walnuts and caramel are my friends!

See ya’ in the blogosphere! V2

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