I am trying to create a list of resources for people in need. Will you help me?

Not surprisingly, the economy was the defining issue in this year’s Presidential election. We’ve known for months that Americans are most concerned about keeping their jobs, paying their mortgage, and affording health care. Many of us are struggling to feed our families and stay warm as winter approaches.

Despite our present situation, I am feeling a renewed sense of optimism this week. Even though I have no clear sense or understanding of what’s in store for this country in the near future, I do know that we will pull through these hard times…together.

I am trying to create a list of resources for people in need. Will you help me? If you have any information on local (Western Washington) food banks, homeless shelters, or meal programs, leave them in the comment section or email me at terrellm@veritycu.com. Do the same if you have any tips on how people can receive free food, clothing, rental assistance, job training, etc.

If you know of an organization in need of volunteers, or if you have information about a local food or clothing drive, or something of that nature, please visit Give With Us. If you click on the tab that says “Suggest an Opportunity” and fill out the form, someone from Verity will be in touch with you.

Finally, if you are a Verity member and are concerned about being able to pay your bills on time, keep your house or car, or even feed your family, please call us at (800) 444-4589 and ask to be transferred to our Member Solutions Group, or choose option 6 from the phone menu. Member Solutions can assist you with reasonable workout plans, short sales, forbearance plans, extensions, skip payments, loan modifications and short- and long-term payment plans.


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