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Heart of the Game

Shari Storm on December 2nd, 2006 No Comments

heartofthegameA few weeks ago, we (Verity Credit Union) treated a roomful of our investment services clients to a dinner and presentation by Bill Resler.

If you haven’t already heard the hype – Bill Resler is the UW Accounting professor turned high school girls’ basketball coach who was featured in the documentary Heart of the Game. Bill is also a good friend of Dave Nelson, on our Investment Services team.

The documentary follows the Roosevelt Roughriders girls’ basketball team for six tumultuous seasons capturing the drama and exhilaration of youth and the inspiration of a passionate coach whose lessons of self-esteem, confidence and compassion go far beyond the court . . . (excerpt from the official website)

I have not seen the documentary and I am not involved in local sports well enough to completely understand Bill’s local reputation, however, his presentation was amazingly engaging and interesting. I think I can safely say that everyone there was mesmerized by his stories.

One of my favorite stories was about when he went on the movie release tour with Darnellia Russel and Chris Bridges (know to most people as Ludacris). Ludacris narrated the documentary. When they were being prepped for an interview on CNN, they set Ludacris in the middle – arguably due to his ‘star appeal’. He, however, insisted that Darnella sit in the middle, because, as he put it, ‘she was the real star’.

After getting to know him a little better, Bill admitted to Ludacris that he had tried to listen to his music, but it was too violent and misogynistic for his tastes. He asked how such a good guy like Chris Bridges could have such a thug alter-ego. Chris explained to him that the money he makes as Ludacris allows him to give back to his community – like narrating a documentary on girls basketball.

There is rumor that Heart of the Game is going to be nominated for an Academy Award. I think that anything that promotes Title IX and equality for girls is a good thing.

I also think we should all go buy the movie. Whenever we have greatness amongst us – be it in film makers, coaches or basketball players, we should do our best to support it.

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