Whether or not you like the teams squaring off this coming weekend it’s safe to say you’re more likely than not 1) Attending a Super Bowl party 2) Hosting a Super Bowl party or 3) Are aware of Super Bowl Parties but don’t really care about them. This blog is for the people who fall into the first or second categories.

If you find yourself at a gathering you’ll definitely find yourself in front of a bunch of food. Like, a lot. If you’re part of the 21.4% of the population who made a resolution to lose weight in 2017 you might find it difficult to maintain your resolve during the game. The solution? Bring or include some healthy choices amongst the traditional offerings.

One that I’m looking forward to making this year is quinoa nachos. The reason that I’m excited about this one is that I’m not looking to make a substitute for traditional cheesy, meaty nachos. I want this delicious dish for itself. With its tang of lime, the hit of jalapeno spice and the scent of cilantro what’s not to love? Want to jazz it up a little? Sprinkle some diced avocado over the top.

Love Buffalo wings but want to try something a little lighter? This recipe for Sriracha-Buffalo Cauliflower Bites is loaded with fiber and is super scrumptious. Serve it with the usual Buffalo wing sidekicks and hope you get some on your plate before they’re all gone.

Finally, these guys. Holy smokes are these things tasty and they couldn’t be easier. I like the suggestion of broiling them for a couple minutes to give them that extra crispy crunch.

If you want to look for more healthy ways to celebrate this super sporty weekend, this is a nice place to start. Bon appetite!

Alicia Diefenbach

My name is Alicia Diefenbach and I’m a Community Relations Specialist at Verity Credit Union.  I absolutely love my role at Verity!  I have the opportunity to explore the communities in which we’re located, reach out to organizations and individuals making these places dynamic, inviting places to live, and get involved with activities that support their well-being.

In my spare time I dote on my vegetable garden.  It still never ceases to amaze me that I can create my dinner out of dirt, some seeds, and cooperative weather.   I love my dog, Frank.  Also, I go to rock shows.  A whole lotta rock shows.

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