Do you ever wake up Monday morning and wish it was Friday?

I’ve been facing this thought a lot in the recent weeks. We’ve been very busy here at Verity — gearing up for our 10 for 10 promotion (starting May 1st) is no easy feat. If you want to know what it’s like, I would compare it to Santa’s workshop on Christmas Eve. Except we aren’t elves and none of us wear pointed slippers (usually).

That being said, a very busy work week has made me incredibly project driven after work. Do the dishes? Check. Feed the dogs? Check. Walk the dogs? Check. Throw the laundry that I’ve been planning to fold off of my bed? Check.

Last week I made a new item on my checklist — take a bath before bed. After running around all day, there is nothing better than soaking in a hot tub of water knowing your day is done and that you will be in your pajamas soon. Not to mention, building castles out of bubbles never gets old.

Shannon Marrs

Hi, I’m Shannon. I started at Verity in 2011 as a member service representative at the Northgate branch, but now I work as a graphic designer in the marketing department. Before working at Verity, I worked at a bakery in Bellingham and a longboard shop in Seattle.

In my free time, Shannon enjoys snowboarding, Pinterest, and spending time with my husband and two Scottish Terriers. I also love to cook — my favorite foods are cheeseburgers, sandwiches and sushi.

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