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Happy New Year!

Melina Young on January 4th, 2012 No Comments

I have never been one to write “formal” resolutions at the New Year. Actually, I can’t remember the last time I actually made a resolution. While thinking about this blog post, I began to wonder if this is a good or bad thing.

Because it is my habit, I am going to argue why it is good. 🙂 However, if you think differently, please let me know.

Here are my top reasons this is good:

I make “resolutions” all year round: I don’t have a reason to procrastinate on weight loss, exercising, or other positive life changes until the first of the year. For example, I decided in November that I am going to do at least one triathlon in 2012 and started training/eating better then. That is an extra two months of progress toward my goal.

I don’t get discouraged: People often make huge resolutions and break them quickly, causing them to feel bad and reduce their self-esteem. Making positive life decisions year round means there is less stress over a slip up (they do happen). I can just keep going because it was a decision I made for me – not just because it is the time of year I “should” pledge to make positive change.

In short, I believe in making positive changes in your life whenever you think of them. No need to procrastinate or have the unnecessary pressure (and fakeness) of making resolutions just because the calendar has changed.

What are your thoughts? Are you an avid resolution maker and want to refute my claims? I want to hear it.

Melina Young

My name is Melina Young and I am the director of marketing at Verity Credit Union. I love everything to do with marketing, advertising, public relations and social media – especially all the research that goes into making a product or service really work for our members and making sure the right people hear about it. In addition to my time spent marketing, I have a blog and write about celiac disease, which I was diagnosed with in 2010. Basically, I can’t eat any of those foods we all love that are made with wheat, barley or rye.

I have also recently started running and completed my first 5k in 2011. Some people may not know that I used to do a lot of acting, dancing and singing in my life. I was in a Nike commercial with Gary Payton in junior high (if anyone ever finds the footage please send it my way!) and I used to compete as an opera singer in high school. I almost majored in musical theater in college, but I’m very glad with my decision to study marketing!

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