From a dietary standpoint chocolate is very efficient; you can eat one box and take care of your entire caloric intake for the day.

Never mind the holiday hangovers. It’s almost February and the chocolate conspiracy holiday is nearly upon us. That’s right Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and nine out of ten people like chocolate. (That tenth person probably isn’t telling the truth). Anyway, I suspect Valentine’s Day isn’t really about sweethearts or romance at all; it’s a conspiracy by design to get more chocolate out there for everyone. Marketing 101 is when you see the flood of Valentine’s decorations and candies in stores well before Martin Luther King Day has heard us say “truffle”. Yet if money talks, chocolate sings; other things are just food, but chocolate is… CHOCOLATE!

From a dietary standpoint chocolate is very efficient; you can eat one box and take care of your entire caloric intake for the day. A balanced diet could be equal parts dark chocolate and white chocolate; those calories cancel each other out right? Since chocolate is derived from the cocoa bean it’s also ideal for vegetarians. Plus you can eat some chocolate before every meal to take the edge off your appetite! These are just a few handy benefits.

Chocolate makes us smile, even on Mondays, even as bankers, especially when it’s coating something unusual. C’mon admit it, you just smiled! You know, dip it in chocolate and it will be more than fine, it’ll be gourmet, and while chocolate doesn’t get us out of bed in the morning (that would be coffee); chocolate sure makes it worthwhile to be up and about. We’ve all noticed that when we eat enough chocolate while drinking coffee we pretty much feel we could rule the world… for about 15 minutes anyway. Yet when that feeling passes and once again no one understands us, that’s right, chocolate is there.

Chocolate is not merely an addiction because there is no Chocoholics Anonymous. That could be a truly useless concept because no sane person wants to quit eating chocolate right? Weren’t we told growing up that we’re never supposed to give up when we believe in something? That’s what I’m talking about; commitment, devotion, and working that chocolate passion into a lifestyle! From a scientific standpoint chocolate has antioxidants, flavonoids, and chocolate’s stearic acid does NOT affect cholesterol levels. Some nutritionists go so far as to say that chemically; chocolate is the world’s perfect food. I’ve also heard that anything can be good and useful if it’s made of chocolate but I immediately come up with some problem scenarios with bathroom heaters and jet engines.

So get a jump on that chocolate Easter Bunny who is already putting up decorations in stores. (Talk about empty calories – why is that chocolate bunny hollow? – A waste of valuable space!) Make eating chocolate a top priority for Valentine’s Day and you’ll immediately get one thing checked off your list for the conspiracy holiday. Perhaps, once and for all, we can find out for ourselves if it’s more satisfying to fall in chocolate, or fall in love.

Tony Pellicane

Hi, I’m Tony. I started with Verity in July of 2013, working with CUHMS in the Servicing Department as the Mortgage Servicing Supervisor. I spend much of my free time competing in flying disc sports, mostly freestyle Frisbee these days. I’ve traveled all over the world and most enjoy traveling to anyplace I’ve never been before (of course there are spectacular exceptions). I enjoy photography, art, dance, science, nature, and flying of any sort. Before moving to Seattle a year ago, I lived in San Diego; before that was Miami, with a stop in Gainesville, Florida on the way to San Diego. I became a huge Seahawk fan in 2009 after being a Dolphin fan from the glory days. I fell in love with the astoundingly beautiful country in the Northwest while visiting friends and practicing freestyle over the past few years and finally decided to move in 2010. Now having lived in three of the four corners of the US, I plan on retiring in Maine years from now. Hope you enjoy the writing.

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