Did… Did it get sunny?  HOORAY!!  Welcome to May and the (hopeful) start of our nice weather!  There’s no time like the present to get out into your neighborhood and enjoy all the amazing things that are happening!  May is LOADED with events!

  • This month, the big news is THE BIG ONE!!  Art Up Chow Down PhinneyWood Art Walk is scheduled for this Friday, May 12th, from 6:00pm-9:00pm and Saturday, May 13th, from 12:00pm-5:00pm.  Our amazing art walk stretches from 65th St all the way up to 87th St.  Art will be in abundance as you enjoy specials at 80+ businesses in the Greenwood/Phinney area.
  • Love beer?  So do all the folks celebrating Seattle Beer Week this week!  Beer Week runs from May 4th – May 18th and features dozens of events each day, all over Seattle.  Check the very full Events Page for more info!
  • When was the last time you visited the Woodland Park Zoo?  Now is a great time to go for a visit!  Summer hours began May 1st, so you can enjoy a longer day with the animals.  Mom & Me starts the month on May 13 with a number of fun activities and half-price admission for all mothers!  Bird Day is May 20th, featuring the Early Morning Bird Walk at 6:45am.
  • I bet the majority of you have no idea just how many things are happening at the Couth Buzzard!  The Couth Buzzard Events Calendar is jam-packed with open-mic nights, jam sessions, special interest groups, board games, and concerts.
  • Who doesn’t love some ol’ fashioned kid-style fun??  Our wonderful neighbors, Top Ten Toys, have a calendar full of amazing events, including story time for kids, game nights for all ages, Baby is Social time, and, for all you juggling aficionados, Juggling Club!  Check in with their Events Calendar for a full run-down on this month’s agenda!
  • In need of a good laugh?  Looking to find a way to make others laugh?  Greenwood’s Pocket Theater is home to a raucous and hilarious lineup of improv shows and workshops.  Check the Pocket Theater Events Calendar for more info and show times!
  • Runners and beer lovers alike, come on down to the Flying Bike Coop Brewery on Wednesday nights for their FBCB Run Club!  This Wednesday, May 10th, we are doing a special Beer Week Run Club where we will hit three different stops on our run for some suds!  Runners veteran and novice alike are invited to join in!  If running isn’t your jam, and you want to actually jam some bluegrass instead, swing by on Thursday nights for Bluegrass Jam nights!
  • Naked City Brewery is stocked on great beer and great fun for April, including Revelry!, Seattle’s only Monday night burlesque revue, the Naked Poetry Slam, Vinyl Me Please presents THE SPINS, and many more!  Check the Naked City Events Calendar for the full list!
  • Our good friends at Taproot Theatre are excited to announce their newest production Busman’s Honeymoon, running from May 17th – June 24th on their Jewell Mainstage.  Check out their calendar for show times and ticket sales.  The Taproot Theatre has been a staple of the Greenwood community for over 30 years and is Seattle’s largest mid-sized theatre company, serving over 150,000 people annually.


With good weather comes BBQ’s and cook-outs galore!  This month, I’m giving you the key to success on the easiest, best ribs around town and a dead-simple way to grill up perfect veggies!  The below ingredients list will capably feed up to 20 people, so please adjust accordingly for your party size.

MK’s Monthly Recipe – Pork ribs & grilled veggies


  • 10 lbs. St. Louis pork ribs (preferred), or any other rib of your choosing
  • 1-2 bottles of your favorite BBQ sauce
  • 2 bushels asparagus
  • 4 bell peppers (red & yellow make a nice contrast with the asparagus)
  • 1 stick unsalted butter
  • Vegetable oil (or any other high smoke-point oil, like canola or peanut)
  • Salt & pepper

Prep your ribs by portioning them, uncooked, into two-rib chunks.  The goal here is to keep things similar in size so they cook more evenly.

Season all sides of the rib-chunks with salt and pepper, then place meat-side down in glass or ceramic baking dishes with at least 2″ high walls to catch the juices, then cover with aluminum foil.  This can be done the day/evening before and left in the fridge overnight.

Heat your oven to 250°F.  Once at temperature, place your baking dishes into the oven, spaced evenly and still covered with foil.

Bake the ribs for 2.5 – 3 hours.  The ribs should still be tender and very moist when they are ready, and the tips of the rib bones should be sticking out slightly from the meat.

Heat a grill brush it clean.  You want a medium-low heat to baste the ribs with your BBQ sauce.  The goal is to caramelize the sugars in the sauce slightly without burning them.

Dip a crumpled paper towel into your oil of choice and carefully wipe down your grill so the ribs won’t stick.  Pour your BBQ sauce into a bowl and get a basting brush and tongs ready to go.

If you have a cooking partner for this next section, it can make things WAY simpler.  Get your ribs onto the grill by filling it from one side to the other.  Remember this order so you can repeat it with each coating of sauce and keep your cooking times consistent.

Generously apply a coating of sauce to the face-up side of the ribs.  If you have a partner, have them flip the ribs with the tongs immediately so the sauce-side is now face-down.  Move from one side of the grill to the other in the order you put them onto the grill.  If you are on your own, keep the heat a little lower and flip, in order, all your ribs after each coating of sauce is applied.

Continue applying and flipping until you have a sticky glaze on all surfaces of the ribs that won’t drip.

Put your ribs aside and ramp up the heat in your grill to burn off any sticky bits.  Once cleaned, lower to medium heat for the veggies.

To get the tough part of your asparagus off, hold the tip and the white end and bend outward – the asparagus stalk will snap in the right spot so you are left only with the tender parts.

Chop your bell peppers into roughly 1/2″ x 2″ pieces, making sure to remove all the seeds, white fleshy bits, and the stem.

Cut your stick of butter into 4 pieces and place 2 pieces each into 2 large tin baking dishes (the flexible ones are great for this!).

Load each tin with one type of vegetable.  Season liberally with salt and pepper, then place on the grill.

Let them cook for 10-15 minutes, mixing regularly with your tongs so the pieces at the bottoms don’t burn.

That’s it!  You are now set to feed the masses!  Make sure you have plenty of wet-wipes and napkins – you’ll be making a mess eating these things!

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