A must for your blogroll: Things Your Grandmother Knew

More and more people are unknowingly joining the Green movement in an effort to save money and live a simpler life. After all, the more you reuse and reduce, the less you’ll spend while making a smaller impact on the environment.

If you are among this new wave of ‘accidental’ environmentalists, I recommend this awesome blog called Things Your Grandmother Knew for thrifty tips taken from the pages of vintage magazines and handed down through generations.

According to the author, “Some of the best kitchen and household tips were published during World War II when recycling & rationing was vital not only for the nation’s economy, but necessary for the survival of each family.”

Recent posts include tips on how to darn socks from a 1941 issue of Modern Woman Magazine, crochet patterns for do-it-yourself slippers, and unusual recipes to increase your iron intake.

Although this blog isn’t updated consistently, it is worth reading the archives for entertainment’s sake. You might even learn something new…er, old. You know what I mean.


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