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Alyssa Kier on February 10th, 2016 No Comments

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately and I can’t help but realize the amount of book I have yet to read. Every time I venture into my local Barnes & Noble there are always new authors, new stories and new sequels. My favorite part about reading is it is just millions of words rearranged in a certain order to make different stories and different genres.

My boyfriend for Christmas got me a $100 gift card for Barnes & Noble and I about died. I spent hours wandering back and forth through the aisles trying to decide on the perfect and most intriguing titles that I could find. But there is always this problem I have when going shopping no matter where I go is that when I don’t have money to spend I find everything I want and when I have money to spend I can’t find anything! I went to the bookstore a few weeks prior because we were near it doing some Christmas shopping and I like to go in and browse all the books and sometimes read. When I went back several weeks later to spend my gift card, I had to make sure that these were the books I absolutely wanted. I am in nature what you would call an indecisive person, which makes decision making a struggle for me. Sometimes it is easier than others, but about 85% of the time I can’t make up my mind. But nonetheless, I found a few books that were intriguing enough to grab my attention off the bookshelf and want me to keep on reading.

If you are not so much a reader, here are some of the books I would recommend and are just a great way to start reading again:

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

A tale that had me wanting to read more and more, a story with those who are born with red blood and the one who are born with silver. The silvers are the most prestige and are the royalty of the land and the reds are the workers, soldiers and the servants. We follow a girl named Mare who is born a red who is close to being put into the army when she finds herself among the silvers.

Any book by Ellen Hopkins

These are probably my favorite stories, simply because they deal with real life problems. Anything from drug addiction, religion or mental health issues they have me wanting to read on. They are in a poetry format, so really easy to read and to comprehend. They are technically young adult genre but the stories are very intriguing and also a page turner.

Bossypants by Tina Fey

This is an autobiography and I had myself giggling the whole way through this book. It is loaded with personality with tons of insight and being the comedian she is, lots of unexpected laughs. I would recommend this if anyone wants a good read with witty humor and spunk.



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