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Alissa Thomson on May 27th, 2011 1 Comment

Hey there everyone! As I sat down to think about what I should write for my first blog post, I discovered that it should be a little something to help you get to know me. While you can read that I’m an artist and a psychology buff, I also happen to think that volunteering is very important. Not only to give you a sense of community and bring members of that community together, but I feel accomplished after volunteering. It gives such a good feeling that it just needs to be spread, doesn’t it? In my effort to share something about myself, I feel I should bring to attention a website that doesn’t get much, if any, attention. This website is Give With Us. The basic point of this website is so our members who have a cause or are supportive of a volunteer group can ask for help, bring their cause to attention, or even ask for donations. I happen to think this website is brilliant.

It seems that Give With Us started in order for not only big organizations, but individuals and small groups that need help. We have a program called VERBS (Verity Encourages Resources for Back to School) that helps give to schools who need school supplies. Also, thanks to the Adopt a highway program, there’s our own stretch of I5 that’s sparkly as can be.

In my opinion, this site should be hustling and bustling with people and groups looking for volunteers. Sadly, as I was looking it over, the last post was in June of 2010! I want to spread the word and open the lines of communication around this blog site Here’s how it works:

  1. Go on to the site
  2. Either view the organizations or suggest an opportunity that you’d like to be known. (There is a simple form to fill out in order to submit)
  3. Most organizations have a number to call or you can post a comment at the bottom of the page when you click to view them.

Give With Us is Verity Credit Union’s way of connecting with communities and the people who live within them. These can range from one-time events like helping out with Earth Day, to longer term positions like being a big brother or sister at the Boys and Girls Club. Verity Credit Union is trying to take a step forward by creating a common ground for people to contact others and reach out for a cause.

“After all, charity begins at home”- Give With Us page

Alissa Thomson

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  1. Melina Young says:

    After careful consideration, Verity has realized that the benefits of the Give With Us page can be achieved much more simply through our Verity Facebook page. This page gets more visibility and has much more interaction that Give With Us. This source was created before our Facebook page and provided a great service in its time. For future information about opportunities to volunteer or to get the word out about your own fundraisers, please visit our Facebook page at

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