I’m very proud of the fact that Verity has 100% total creative control of our radio commercials. Not only do we write the content, we use our own voice talent. That’s right! Those aren’t actors, folks. Those are real, all-natural Verity employees.

If you’ve ever heard our radio commercials, you know they are unique. And whether you like them or not, you have to admit that they catch the ear. Personally, I love hearing my co-workers on the radio because we make sure the lines they read are true to their own personality. For example, one of my favorite lines was from Veniacha (who at the time worked in the call center) who said, “When you call it’s like a ray of sunshine coming through the phone.” Now, if you knew Veniacha, you would get it. This is totally something she would say.

I’ve been featured on the radio twice now, and I have to say that I cringe whenever I hear my own voice. But, I’m willing to suffer a little for the good of the team. And luckily a lot of us around here don’t take ourselves too seriously because otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to do a commercial that pokes fun at our softball team or calls out our most dedicated Fantasy Football players.

So, the next time you hear a Verity ad on the radio, turn it up and get to know us a little. We’re real people, just like you…even if we are big-time radio stars.


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