We’ve been blogging for years, but have held off using Twitter and Facebook… until now. Verity now has a corporate Facebook page and a Twitter account. Follow us online to your heart’s content.

I’ve been a Twitter user for quite a while, but I’ve mostly used it for keeping up with my credit union colleagues and friends. Sometimes, I will Twitter with Terrell, whose cube is right next to mine. Many times, I’ve twittered with folks for a while before actually meeting them in person.
With the building of our Online Branch, I thought introducing the use of Twitter would be a great way to keep our members updated on the progress of the project. Once the Online Branch is launched in the first part of 2009, I hope it becomes a place where we can have a two-way (or if you’re a Twitter user, sometimes multi-way) conversation with members so they can share their feedback about the Online Branch or just ask for help.

My Twitter handle is @verityonline. Check it out. Follow me.

If members would like to follow us on Facebook, search for us and become a friend. (We will not actively pursue friends, but we’ll happily become your friend if you ask!) We don’t want to spam our members. My twitter updates will reflect on our Facebook page. And, links you’d find on our website can be found on our Facebook page. For instance, links to our corporate website, our blog and our branch locator tool.

So, there you go. More ways to get your online fix of Verity Credit Union.

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