Free Credit Counseling

Terrell on September 12th, 2006 2 Comments

MSN Money and the National Foundation for Credit Counseling are teaming up to provide free credit counseling services today. They’ve dubbed September 12 Get Out of Debt Day. Read about it here.

On Tuesday, during business hours, counselors at nonprofit consumer credit counseling agencies across the country will be ready for your questions about debt and personal finances at 866-481-6322 (866-481-NFCC). Counselors will listen to your questions and problems, and they’ll either provide personal answers on the spot or make arrangements to help you further, by phone or in person.Another resource for FREE credit counseling is Balance. Through Balance, Verity members receive free, unbiased information and assistance to help them achieve their financial goals. Counselors at Balance can help you with money management, debt repayment, credit report reviews and more. Counselors can be reached toll-free at 888-456-2227.


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  1. Shirlisa says:

    I have credit card debt and a lone with a lone company for about 11,000. One credit card 1,000, another at 500 hundred dollars. credit card ford 750.00 and 500.00 and 490.00 and around 200.00. What should i do!!!!

  2. Shari Storm says:

    Definitely call Balance. http://www.balancepro.net/

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