I’ve been tagging articles on how to save more money. Here are some recent ones I like.

9 Tips to Avoid Overspending. From one of my favorite blogs, The Happiness Project. I really like tips #7 and #8. Funny how when something’s marked down 50% or more you can talk yourself into believing you need it.

Why Most Budgets Fail but YNAB Succeeds. This article covers the popular You Need A Budget Plan, which is stated simply as:

  1. Stop living paycheck to paycheck
  2. Give every dollar a job
  3. Prepare for rain
  4. Roll with the punches.

7 Little Hacks to Saving a Bucket Full. The author describes these hacks as ways to trick yourself into saving.

16 Easy Ways to Slash Unnecessary Spending. While most of these suggestions seem obvious, this post is a good reminder that little things really add up.


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