I love The Beatles. I always have. And not in a normal, “Yeah, I like most of their songs” kinda way…in a “I know almost every song and can usually tell you what album it was on and if it was a number 1 hit or not” kinda way. So, when my husband heard that Paul McCartney was coming to do a concert at Safeco Field this summer, he knew that he had to get me tickets. He isn’t exactly a fan of The Beatles (crazy, I know) so I took my dad to the concert with me as a Father’s Day present (daughter of the year!).

Luckily, my dad is a big Beatles nerd just like I am – so we knew we were in for a great time.

So, leading up to the concert I knew it was something I had to do, but I wasn’t sure how good the concert would be. I mean, Paul is over 70 now and I was worried he may sound “old” or that he may do a ton of Wings songs and not many Beatles songs (which would have been incredibly sad). Thankfully, my fears were squashed with the first song – 8 Days a Week. I figured they wouldn’t start on a Beatles song if there weren’t going to be a bunch throughout the concert.

I heard the actual Paul McCartney perform Let It Be, Hey Jude, Yesterday, Back in the USSR, Paperback Writer, Eleanor Rigby, Lady Madonna, Lovely Rita, For the Benefit of Mr. Kite, Blackbird, Something, Band on the Run, Maybe I’m Amazed, Helter Skelter, Day Tripper, Obla Di Obla Da, Get Back, We Can Work It Out, Golden Slumbers, and many more. It was epic. He performed for 3 straight hours and when he came out for the encore the three remaining (living) members of Nirvana came out to perform with him. How many people can say they saw a Beatle perform live? How many people can say they saw anyone from Nirvana perform live? How many people have seen them perform together?

Paul sounded awesome. Seeing Nirvana was awesome. As one of my friends said, 75% of Nirvana + 25% of The Beatles = AWESOME

So, if Paul does decide to tour again and he comes to Seattle (or wherever your hometown is) I say go. No matter what. Sit in the nosebleeds, whatever. It was amazing and so worth it. Did anyone reading this go to the concert (or have you seen Paul or The Beatles in the past)? What did you think of it?

Melina Young

My name is Melina Young and I am the director of marketing at Verity Credit Union. I love everything to do with marketing, advertising, public relations and social media – especially all the research that goes into making a product or service really work for our members and making sure the right people hear about it. In addition to my time spent marketing, I have a blog and write about celiac disease, which I was diagnosed with in 2010. Basically, I can’t eat any of those foods we all love that are made with wheat, barley or rye.

I have also recently started running and completed my first 5k in 2011. Some people may not know that I used to do a lot of acting, dancing and singing in my life. I was in a Nike commercial with Gary Payton in junior high (if anyone ever finds the footage please send it my way!) and I used to compete as an opera singer in high school. I almost majored in musical theater in college, but I’m very glad with my decision to study marketing!

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