I do not enjoy going to the doctors what so ever. Even the dentist makes me have an anxiety attack. However, when the situation calls for a visit to a physician I go. A few weeks ago I was in agonizing pain. I must have slept completely wrong during the night because the next morning I had the worst pinched nerve in my left shoulder blade. I did my best to tolerate the pain, but after 4 days I couldn’t handle it anymore. My coworkers and even members were noticing how favorable I was to my left side. So consensus around the branch was to visit a chiropractor. I was not thrilled, but hey if he could fix my pain I was 100% in.

My initial visit was great just taking x-rays and a small adjustment. My next visit my doctor explained my problem areas. Ironically, I have a neck issue that a person of height would have (looking down all the time). Since I am 5 foot nothing this is quite strange to me and all I can conclude is head is abnormally heavy. What I am finding out is I love the holistic approach chiropractors have on health. I also love being adjusted. I think my posture is getting better and who knows maybe my poor neck will someday be normal.

The whole reason I bring up this amazing new venture in my life is that not only was seeing a chiropractor a first time experience, but I also just received my first deep tissue massage. I was quite skeptical about a massage only because in the past when my husband has attempted to give me one I just cringe or giggle and it last for about 5 minutes. My masseuse was amazing. It was only slightly awkward, we had a great conversation. Come to find out that she use to massage in the Hollywood, CA area and had massaged plenty of celebrities. I couldn’t believe an hour went by so quick and how AMAZING I felt afterward. I was so relaxed, yet felt so full of energy. This utopia feeling lasting for about 2 hours then the pain set in. It felt as if I had a 1st degree sunburn. Nothing could touch my shoulders. The therapist said I would be sore, but wow I mean I was SORE. It has been a few days now and I am doing fine. I plan on going back for another massage soon. I am so happy and thankful that I had this first time experience and that I know I will have plenty of more visits with the chiropractor and masseuse in the future.

Jennifer Worley

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