Last week was our first family vacation; my family consisting of my husband, 20 month old son, and myself. My husband and I haven’t been on a vacation since our honeymoon, so we were looking forward to the time off. We were also expecting tantrums and not a lot of sleep. We went down to Seaside, OR for the first half of the week and then to Naches, WA with extended family for the last half.

Here are a few things that we learned about family vacations while having the time of our lives…

  1. If you plan it right your child will sleep the 3 hour drive to the beach
  2. Sand is way more fun than anything else you could possibly find on the beach
  3. Surf that is only an inch deep can still knock a child down
  4. Seals are not cute to a small child and feeding them is not an option
  5. You will run into someone you know on the boardwalk and your kid will be screaming.
  6. A hotel is a whole new “house” to explore
  7. My child will steal my pancake
  8. Raisins in oatmeal look a lot like bugs to a child
  9. A cell phone battery can last 2 full days when not being used, but only a half day while working
  10. Vacations are not about relaxation anymore, they’re about keeping your child entertained

We all had a really good time, much much better than anticipated. My son loved the beach, and people watching. More than anything, he loved the fact that he got toys and ice cream more times in this one week than in the entire rest of the summer. We are looking forward to more family trips in the future.

Jennifer Worley

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