This past weekend, my son had his first professional baseball adventure. We are a football and soccer household (go Hawks and Sounders!), so professional baseball wasn’t something my son had really spent much time watching.

But after this weekend, we may have to expose him to more games — he loved it!

We went to the Mariners vs. Red Sox game on Saturday night with my husband and his parents (my mother-in-law is from Boston and I was a temporary Bostonian in college, so this was the game that made the most sense to attend. I promise, we rooted for the Mariners). Initially, I was really nervous taking a two-year-old to a baseball game. Yes, I know Major League Baseball and specifically the Mariners, have made great efforts to make games very family-friendly, but I was still nervous. We were going to be walking with a toddler in a crowded stadium during a night game. And I wasn’t sure about our seats — would we be in a sea of people who were annoyed by my son, or would we be so far up in the nose-bleed section that I would be fearful of my son falling down concrete stairs or over the backs of seats?

Turns out all my worrying was for nothing. My father-in-law (who had never been to Safeco) managed to pick cheap seats that were in a great location for having a wiggly toddler. We were in the outfield just past the 3rd base line foul marker (right above the King’s Court for those of you familiar with the stadium). We were the top row of bleacher seats in a section that only had two rows! That meant that not only could we easily slide all around the 5 seats we had, there were few stairs and giant walkway right below us. My son was captivated by the game for the first few innings, but then all he wanted to do was watch everything else in the stadium. Us adults took turns walking up and down the walkway with him, still allowing us great views of the game while keeping him active. Plus, there were empty seats reserved for wheelchair access that he was able to climb on when people we’re around.

And everyone — from the people sitting in front of us who got accidentally kicked by toddler feet, to the season ticket holder who let us take over his seat for the game (he wanted to stand the whole time and talk to people), to the lady directing people to their seats — was super friendly and complimented us on how well behaved my son was. And despite it being a night game, we had no meltdowns!

I think there may be more Mariner games in our future. What a fun way to entertain the family!

Too bad the Ms lost on Saturday. At least they made up for it Sunday, beating the Red Sox 5-0.

Kira Cox

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