If you would have asked me twelve years ago, what I would be when I was thirty, I would have answered a lot of different things. A successful married Vice President of a company living in close proximity of the ocean probably would have been near the top of the list. If you asked me about living with my parents my laughter could have been heard for miles.

Twelve years is a long time and things change.

The first adjective on my list was successful. Considering the broadness of the word successful, I will put a check in the achieved column. At 18, it appears I did not care what I was successful at, just that I was successful.

Successful was followed by married in my vision. Maybe I meant successfully married? Now I have accomplished two things.

Next on the list, a Vice President living in close proximity of the ocean. At age 27, I moved to St. Louis to pursue the Vice President aspiration of this statement. I thought to succeed as a business woman I needed to leave the beautiful northwest and move to the company’s headquarters. For anyone who has worked for a large company you know the allure of visiting headquarters and seeing the different countries flags in front of the building. However, after three years the allure of big business took its toll.

So, here I am at 30 living with my parents! Still successful, still married and closer to the ocean! Three out of four are good odds. My husband and I made the decision to move to Seattle earlier this year. During the job application process, I was searching for the perfect balance of location, familiarity, family atmosphere, security and stimulation in a position. The advertisement for Verity met all five criteria.

After my phone interview, I asked my friends what they knew about credit unions. How where credit unions different then banks? Personalized and friendly services were just a couple of the answers. Coincidentally, those were the adjectives that Verity used to describe the service they provide to members.

It is two months later and love working for Verity. The members, my peers and employees have all been fantastic. The Member Service department has been extremely welcoming and excited to hear new ideas. Everyday I am impressed at how everyone is willing to listen to new ideas and change things if it improves member relations.

It is funny how visions change over the years. What was important to me 12 years ago, seems different now. Vice President may still happen someday down the road, but I don’t think I’ll move to the Midwest to make it happen. I’ve found a home at Verity Credit Union!

Le Ann Langston

Hello! I’m Le Ann Langston and I’m the Director of Member Services Northgate for Verity Credit Union. Member Service Manager is another name for the call center manager. Talking on the phone was a hobby of mine as a teenager and now I have made a career of it. If only I had a cool headset when I was 13! In my spare time I enjoy yoga, writing and reading just about anything. I am slightly addicted to TV and am currently hooked on a number of shows. Given this list of indoor pursuits you may find it hard to believe that I enjoy traveling to new places. Most people would never know that at one point I almost moved to London just for a change of pace.

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