Have you ever met someone and thought you didn’t like them, only to learn they are a truly great person? How about deciding you would hate a new food, only to find it is your new favorite meal? Well, financial counseling can be kinda like that too!

I’ve been a financial counselor for 17 years. I find the title alone stirs up negative thoughts. Actually, my role is to help you think through your finances and how to achieve your desired results. I don’t know anyone who wants to be told what to do without having input.

Financial Counseling is POSITIVE. You get honest feedback from someone who strives to strike the balance of needs and wants. We have to team up, figure out what will work for you.

My role is to help you establish a new routine, developed by getting to know you and offering practical advice. Have you ever confided in someone only to have them say something like “so stop buying your Mocha every day”? Together, we can come up with better solutions than that!

It is scary to talk to a stranger, but the outcome can be so rewarding. I’ll help you with all aspects of everyday finances, from savings to debt repayment and anything in between! Sometimes conversations are about really tough choices, but isn’t it better to examine all options before making a big decision?

We can’t go back and change the past, but we can move forward to change your future! I’d like to be your team mate, confidant or cheerleader. You’ll be happier because you have a game plan. And by the way…no plan goes perfectly. So the last but most important message is to be realistic and quit beating yourself up — life happens!

Consider giving me a call. My services are free!

Most Sincerely,

Verity’s Financial Counselor

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Charnell Morud

Charnell is one of Verity’s financial counselors.

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