My first job out of college was an education specialist for Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Seattle. I went around Western Washington giving money and credit management classes. I really loved that job. I worked there six years and have extremely fond memories of the 100 co-workers with whom I became friends.

When I moved to Verity in 1998 I convinced a few of my former colleagues to join me at the credit union. There are currently four of us on staff. Vivian Valencia – who many people know and adore; Charnell Morud – who heads up our counseling program and James Lupori – who has more zest for life than anyone I know.

I’m proud of the counseling program we implemented several years ago. We’ve had over 100 members set up counseling plans. The members who are repaying Verity loans through counseling have a 71% success rate. That is a fantastic statistic for troubled loans.

Today we brainstormed on ways to communicate with our membership that you don’t have to be in trouble to take advantage of our free counseling service. Anyone can come in and talk to our financial counselors.

Here are some reasons why you might want to visit Charnell or James:

  1.  You are thinking of buying a house and want a realistic understanding of what you can afford for a monthly mortgage payment.
  2. You are thinking of buying a car and want to make sure you can afford the monthly loan payments as well as insurance, maintenance and fuel costs.
  3. You are getting married soon and will be combining your accounts.
  4. You just paid for summer camp and you’re a little strapped.
  5. You wonder every month where did the money go?

Charnell and James are great. They have years of experience helping people get a handle on their finances. This is a free service that doesn’t take too much of your time. Give them a call. Their number is 206-315-6724.

Crystal Mutter

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